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Asos Amaze us with 20% off

asos 20% Off

Fashion enthusiasts in this fair country of ours have been enjoying ASOS for the last couple of years, Brits have been enjoying it a little longer. We like the store for 2 reasons, firstly their selection truly is unrivaled (I’ve yet to find a website that has anything close to the selection ASOS has) and secondly their prices are fairly decent for the brands they sell. So this offer from ASOS improves on the second reason for liking them by offering a 20% discount on everything! This is a limited time offer, so if you’re reading this after the 2nd December 2013, please go to our ASOS page.

Please, pretty please, bear in mind that duty and fees may apply. So customers may want to make multiple small purchases to hope that taxes and fees don’t apply, vs a big order. It all depends on the ASOS shipping costs. So be conscious of this, it has happened to me two times over the years where I have had a nasty surprise from the post man asking for taxes and fees.

Details: 20% off all ASOS items
Expires: 2nd December, 2013
Visit ASOS here

Did you use the code?

Black Friday 2013 Best Offers (A Canadian Roundup)

BF sale November 2013

Our traffic has been spiking since the start of this week. In fact every year has seen a growth in popularity for Black Friday in Canada. What originally started as a U.S based shopping event has expanded across the globe, first with Canada, and now I hear reports that the UK is getting in on the act (Oxford street must be a mess today). As there are 1001 Black Friday deals/sales/coupons flying around today I wanted to just give my top picks for 2013 to save some readers a bit of time if they are in a hurry.

If you are in need of a laugh then this offer from Cards against humanity is a golden one: If you haven’t played the game, it’s fun, but not for everyone, the game is right up there challenging peoples morals.

All the below offers can be found on our extensive Black Friday VC page, check them out here.

1) The 30-50% off sales at the Gap brands (Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic);
2) Up to 60% off select Sears products (the stock is going down fast though);
3) $50-$150 Apple gift cards with purchase. Hard to believe but are actually running a sale, something that I thought would never happen. It’s not an amazing deal, but I bet a lot of people would be shopping for apple products today regardless;
4) For people wanting to travel this holiday season (which will be a lot of us) then the expedia holiday sale should not be missed. It is a bit hit and miss though, not many destinations are on offer and there are a few different criteria to meet;
5) Chapters Indigo $5-$10 off. Perfect for gift giving;
6) 50% off select kobo products (the kobo glo is a great idea for a gift).

I would love to hear what bargains people snagged. Stop by and make a comment as to what you saved.

The Great VoucherCodes Cyber Monday List 2013

Cyber Monday Deals

Back by Popular Demand, Releases the Most Comprehensive Canadian Cyber Monday Coupon List for 2013. Find out Which Stores are Participating

Are you interested in saving even more after all of the Black Friday deals are over? Vouchercodes is here to save the day with one of the best lists for Cyber Monday.

We’ve been searching high and low, left and right, for the best Cyber Monday deals and we’ll be continuing to update this page until the clock strikes midnight on December 2nd. Blink and you might miss some of these digitally-awesome deals. Obviously, more deals will be added as we get closer to Cyber Monday.

At a loss as to what this amazing event is about? Take a tour over to our inforgraphic about Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find out more. Like, love, and share it now!

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The Body Shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers ~ up to 50% off

The Body Shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday

At the time of writing the individual deals weren’t live on the Body Shop’s (TBS) home page. But hopefully now you are reading this (unless its after Cyber Monday) the Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM) offers should be live for all Canadians to enjoy.

We have a special relationship with the Body Shop and they have given us (and VC members) a first hand sneak peak as to the deals coming up for this major holiday shopping season.

For BF they are offering 3 for $30 sitewide (on anything), and as a nice bonus a lovely Tote Bag for just $25 ($108 price on their site) with any $30 purchase from the 26th–30th of November 2013. For CM from December 1st–3rd customers can get 50% off sitewide as well, and get free shipping with purchases over $50. So pick the day that suits you best. TBS don’t often run out of stock, but if they were ever going to it would be on these shopping events. Tell us what you snagged!

Go to The Body Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers
Expires: 3rd December 2013 (for CM)

Interested in more BF offers? Find them here

Last Day of the Toy Shop Sale (Nov 24th 2013) at

Sears toy shop sale November 2013

If you just can’t wait until the Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday shopping sales and you want to get the little tikes in your life a new toy for Christmas then this sale might just be the ticket.

Today (Nov 22nd 2013) is the last day of this sale. Customers can enjoy up to 40% off select items and also benefit from free shipping. Even though the promotion Sears are having is publicized at up to 40% off I can easily see products at 50% off (at the time of checking), however most items are around the 20% off mark. There is a decent selection of boys and girls toys and for babies up past toddlers to around the school level age. There are literally hundreds of toys to browse through, so it might be best to use the handy filters on the left of the sears page, or you might be a while, I know I was–I couldn’t help checking out what’s hot for kids these days (hint: not much has changed).

Go to the 40% off November 2013 Toy Sale
Expires: 24th November 2013

What did you buy? And what was your discount?

Forum Temporarily Closed

Forum Temporarily Closed

Hi everyone, just a quick note. Owing to a recent surge in spam bots we have had to temporarily close the forum down. We will be working on finding a solution to the problem and will update our fans as soon as we have found a solution.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations please let us know! We want to help facilitate the number one discount forum in Canada, so quality is important to us.

Xbox One $50 off the Complete Bundle (Canada only)

Xbox One $50 off the Complete Bundle

Full disclosure, I will be getting the PS4 (I’ll probably give potential buyers some tips once I have done my research, so watch out for that) but….. the Xbox One does look like a real next gen gaming system. I have a lot of friends who work for game development companies so I have been hearing trickles of information about the consoles for a while now, of course they need to have access to the machines a good year and a half before consumers do, so that games can actually be developed for them. I heard the Xbox One controller has had a few noticeable but subtle upgrades (the predecessor was already the champion of controllers in many gamers eyes) and the accuracy of the connect has seen a lot of improvement, as well as some fairly significant processing and memory upgrades. All these changes have resulted in a decent upgrade from the Xbox 360, while many say it’s not as ground breaking as previous machines what we have to remember is that most of the launch games don’t really do the console justice, I think we will have to wait a good year until we see what the machine is really capable of after developers have had a chance to really get their teeth into it–and all the hubbub of the ‘always on’ controversy is over and done with. Personally I think that Titanfall (which will not be released on the PS4–owing to an exclusive deal) when released in Q1-2 of 2014 will be amazing, if this game was released with the Xbox One on launch day the console war might have shifted tides, watch out for the launch.

As you can see, I quite often get sidetracked when I’m interested about a subject. What I wanted to originally focus on was the deal that Microsoft sent us through late last night. Apologies for customers who have already pre-ordered, and ones that are not based in Canada, this is for new customers only. The original price for the console was $749.95, but with this special $50 off instant discount (basically the page linked below) it is now only $699.95, customers also have the option of actually building their bundle and choosing the games they want (from those currently available).

If customers buy a Xbox One with the complete bundle, they can save $50 (limited time only & only from the Microsoft store)
Expires: Limited time only (please check the post date of this offer as a guide)

List Of The Best Black Friday Deals 2013

Black Friday Deals 2013

As with every year, has compiled a comprehensive list of all the best Canadian Black Friday coupons and deals for 2013. See them all below.

This list will continue to be updated up until Black Friday on Friday, November 29th 2013.

Don’t forget to read all about the differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the infographic we developed last year.

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Never Too Early To Shop For Jewelry: Up To 20% Off At Blue Nile

Blue Nile Up To 20% Off

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are fast approaching but this doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself once in a while just for the heck of it. That’s right, reward yourself with some new piece of jewelry this month and enjoy 20% off all orders under $500 or 10% off all those that exceed that threshold.

With promotions updated daily, don’t forget to visit our Blue Nile page of discounts to find out more about this jewelry centric company.

Details: 20% off orders $500 or under & 10% off orders $500+
Expires: 19th November 2013
Visit Blue Nile here

Heart LocketKeep your loved ones close and your enemies even closer with the heart locket. All jokes aside, this is the perfect way to keep pictures of your kids or loved ones close to you, especially in a work setting that prohibits cellphone use. At $90, it has generated close to five stars with over 80 reviews — talk about a smashing success!

Vivant Link BraceletWith sweater already in full swing, accessorize with the vivant link bracelet, which is sure to inject some life into a dreary Autumn day with its shimmering design. Otherwise, the venetian link bracelet is also a solid choice as it will easily pair with any outfit.

Speaking of jewelry, those thinking of marriage should definitely browse through Blue Nile’s engagement rings section as it is organized into helpful sections such as a diamond tutorial, engagement ring collections and even a build your own ring option.

When was the last time you treated yourself to jewelry?

Hudson’s Bay’s One Day Sales Are Back!

The Bay One Day Sales

That’s right — Hudson’s Bay One Day sales are back with a frenzy! Every day from now on, Hudson’s Bay will feature a different promotion that will help you save money on the things you need the most.

Shop Hudson’s Bay’s One Day Sales
Expires: Ongoing

Just to give you an idea of the awesomeness of Hudson’s Bay One Day Deals, here’s an example of today’s deal, on November 13th 2013: two Dyson vacuums for $399.99 each instead of their usual price of $649.99 — that’s $250 in savings!

Dyson VacuumWhile some of you may look at this vacuum and this it’s surely pricey for nothing, think again. It’s actually a very powerful machine that features Root Cyclone technology, meaning it won’t lose suction as you vacuum. Personally, I’ve got through my fair share of inexpensive vacuums and they all seem to break down or stop vacuuming as great really quick. This time around, I’ll most probably be considering a Dyson vacuum and this one day sale sure is enticing!

A great way to stay up-to-date with their One Day Sale deals is by being the first to know, so be sure to sign up to their newsletter and as usual, don’t forget to check out Hudson’s Bay page for all their latest deals and sales.

Keep us posted on the one day deals that catch your fancy below.

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