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Get Your Essentials For 12% Off With The VC Exclusive For Exclusive 12% Off

There’s just no passing on essentials, is there? I have to admit that I’ve tried going a week without my favorite make-up remover, but it’s just not the same with soap. Grab our Exclusive and head on over to My to get –you guessed it– your essentials! With our exclusive code, which isn’t available anywhere else, you can save 12% off all orders! There’s also free shipping available on all purchases over $49.

As major plus is that also has a 365 day return policy.

Exclusive CouponDetails: Save 12% off all orders
Code: VCOFF12
Expires: Ongoing
Visit here

Sally Hansen Salon EffectsWhile whether or not Sally Hansen Salon Effects is debatable of course but with the rising popularity of interesting nail designs (instead of the usual solid colors), these polish strips are definitely a must-have for those who struggle with a nail brush. I have used them myself and definitely recommend them, except for at full price. Personally, I hate paying full price for anything, especially nail accessories, but using a coupon code definitely makes it worthwhile.

Though beauty is of course high on the importance scale, who can forget about babies?

Baby Bee Bubble BathBaby Bee Starter KitIf you have a baby on the way, or already have a little munchkin, then perhaps the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath may go to good use. Though I have never tried their Baby Bee line, I’m nevertheless a huge fan of all their products, especially the lip balms. There’s also a Getting Started Kit available with a lotion, shampoo & wash, ointment, nourishing oil and buttermilk soap, which would be great to try out before getting the full-sized products or to even gift to someone with a newborn or toddler.

What essentials are you desperately in need of right now?

Don’t Miss It: Up To 35% Off Everything At Jacob

Jacob Up To 35% Off

Judging by this promotion’s popularity on our our store page for Jacob, we can tell you that it’s definitely one that shouldn’t be missed! Until the end of the week-end, either save 25% off site-wide or 35% off purchases over $150.

Shop at Jacob before it’s too late
Expires: 27th October 2013

Turtle Neck SweaterLike me, I’m sure all of you skip immediately to the sale section of any store, but this time around, you actually have an excuse to shop the new arrivals, which although priced regularly, also have the advantage of getting the axe in price upon checkout.

A sweater that I would really love for my own wardrobe right now is the long sleeve turtle neck sweater on the right. What I love about it the most is its loose shape and wool looking feel. Though it only has 16% wool, I’m confident that it’s nevertheless a sweater that combines warmness, style and comfort.

Floran Print CamiOn the other side of the spectrum, or more specifically in the sale section, is the lovely floral-print fluid cami combines chic with a fun floral print. And while it may send you running for the hills, it may also become one of your wardrobe favorites eventually, especially since it’s definitely the kind of top that What Not To Wear‘s Stacy and Clinton would go for. A major plus not to be overlooked is also that it’s already on sale for $14.99 and is further reduced for a limited time down to $11.24! Given the cold temperatures right now, it would pair particularly seamlessly with a white or black blazer along with perhaps a non-denim type pant that would be perfect for an office job.

Free shipping is also available on orders over $100.

Get A Head Start On Holiday Shopping With 20% Off At Blurb

Blurb 20% Off

Raise your hand if you have a bad habit of frantically scrambling for everyone’s Christmas gifts at the last minute. To be honest, I’m definitely guilty of this one and hopefully, this year will be as different for me as it will be for you! Take advantage of Blurb’s special to save 20% off all photo books and even get free shipping!

The best part about Blurb is their commitment to the industry since they have made it their mission to make sure that everyone gets a shot at having their name published on a book!

Details: 20% off all photo books + free shipping
Expires: 31st October, 2013
Visit Blurb here

With Blurb, creating your very own unique photo book is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You can either create your own template or simply drag and drop your pictures into pre-existing ones. Plus, you can also determine features such as: size, paper and cover types!

Create a milestone photo book documenting your baby’s important moments: from the first walk to the lemon eating and many others firsts!

Or use Pinterest to find original holiday photo book ideas or any others. This lovely promotion is yours to have fun with and best of all, your unique photo book can then be gifted to friends and family!

Have you ever created your very own photo book online?

Take Hold Of Your Life With 25% Off At Weight Watchers Canada

Weight Watchers 25% Off 3 Months

With the start of the new year about 9 weeks away (yeah, it really is that close), chances are you haven’t yet had time to think up of a bunch of resolutions that most likely won’t get fulfilled pass the first month of 2014. This time around, do things a little differently and make a promise to yourself right now: to get healthy before the new year hits and since it is over 2 months away, it’s totally doable. Better yet, sign up to Weight Watchers’ 3 month plan and save 25% off!

Get A 3-Month Savings Plan For 25% Off
Expires: 30th November 2013

This is actually a really great offer because to try it out for just one month, the cost comes out to being $61.90 but if you get the 3-month savings plan, it comes down to: $26.33 per month.

So although you would technically be paying a bit over $15 right off the bat, in the end, the savings far outweigh the minimal extra cost.

Savings Plan

On top of offering personalized advice based on your body and lifestyle, the Weight Watchers program also offers plenty of healthy recipes, fitness exercises (with videos) and much more to help you get on the right track.

Have you ever ever tried Weight Watchers? We’d love to know your feedback on it below.

The Bay Days Are Finally Back: Up To 75% Off!

Bay Days Up To 75% Off

One of the deals we most look forward to here at Voucher Codes is Hudson’s Bay’s –well– Bay Days, which features their lowest prices of the season with up to 75% off loads of awesome merchandise. To give you an idea, here’s some of the items that you can see super reductions on:

  • 30% Off women’s boots or shoes when you buy 3 or more;
  • 40% Off coats and jackets;
  • Up to 47% off Kitchenaid small appliances;
  • Up to 70% off Henckel’s cookware and gold earrings;
  • Up to 75% off select luggage;
  • And so much more!

Shop the Bay Days now to save up to 75% off
Expires: 24th October 2013

For any baker, even a beginner, a Kitchenaid is absolutely vital. I just recently purchased one and while it was quite the investment at first, I don’t regret a single penny because it’s just the biggest time saver and the results are fantastic. The best part is that with the Bay Days, you can get an Artisan Kitchenaid for $100 less along with in a huge variety of colors from almond cream to blue willow, cinnamon as well as the standard white or black. The Kitchenaid’s versatility is also a huge benefit because you can get a attachments such as a food grinder, a sausage stuffer and even an ice cream maker.

Kitchenaid Mixers

Bomber JacketBaking aside, with the temperatures getting colder, I can’t stress enough the important of a good jacket. Freezing in a sweater just isn’t a viable option, which is exactly why the Point Zero bomber jacket should come in handy, even though it’s technically a winter jacket. If you’re on the frillier side like me, then it’s definitely worth considering because not only does it look great, but the price is also just as awesome: it’s on sale for $108. Plus, the hoodie is lined with fur and is detachable to boot!

Have you ever shopped the Bay Days? How much did you save?

Get Trendy With Up To 70% Off At Asos

Asos 70% Off Sale

With our very own Canadian Thanksgiving already behind us and the American Black Friday almost upon us, stores are already beginning to ramp up the promotions. One such stores is Asos with up to 70% off loads of ultra fashionable items for both men and women.

Be sure to rate the Asos online store based on price, quality and more.

Slim JeanEnjoy up to 70% off at Asos
Expires: 27th October 2013

Having shopped quite a bit for men’s jeans (not for myself mind you), I can definitely say that quality denim on a budget is hard to find. While not for everyone because of their fit, the slim jean combine both affordable price with a jean that has every potential to last longer than a season because of its reinforced seams and 100% cotton make. At just $30.01, it’s certainly worth a try.

Fluffy Alphabet SweaterWhen you’re not shopping for clothes, do you find yourself perusing our Chapters page for new codes and promotions to save on books to read in your spare time? Then I bet you’re going to fall head over heels the alphabet sweater featured on the right. Reduced to $37.51, it’s perfect for book lovers and writers alike (and everyone else of course). Though the model in the picture is wearing shorts with it, I definitely recommend your comfiest pair of jeans this fall or winter and a nice steaming cup of cocoa or coffee while you get lost in a new book.

What’s on your reading list? Share with us on our Forum.

Incredible Savings On Fall Essentials With Lands’ End’s Warehouse Event

Lands' End Warehouse Event

Since it’s incredibly rare to find amazing prices for items that are on par with the current season, Lands’ End Warehouse Event is one of those promotions that shouldn’t be passed by because plenty of merchandise is available at over 65% off. But not only will it end soon, popular sizes and colors are also rapidly running out, so shop quickly!

In fact, did you know that Lands’ End is apart of the Sears Holdings corporation that also owns Sears?

Browse Lands’ End’s Warehouse Event
Expires: 18th October 2013

Stripe Rib Crew TopShopping for a great top online can be particularly difficult sometimes because of the size variations from store to store. However, I find Lands’ End descriptions and fit & size chart really easy to understand and then use to shop.

Take for instance the stripe rib crew top for $16.29. Not only is it available in regular, petite, tall or plus sizes, but it also helps to know that it’s not too slim and not too lose (translation: it will be slightly loose and quite fitted).

Men's Down VestFor the ladies with a hubby who has an outdoors-type of job, I just have to point out the men’s down vest, which is perfect for Fall temperatures with its down insulation and water repellant finish. When I first saw it, I was 100% convinced that the price tag would be exorbitant but actually, it’s has been reduced to $27.16, making it a real steal! Though it’s no longer available in black, for that price, I’ve already added one in every other color to my shopping bag!

Make sure to also stock up on other fall essentials such as gloves, hats, sweaters and more because the prices are all worth it as well.

Do you use the size chart when shopping online or do you always select the same size?

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a good moment to spend time with the people we love. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy thanksgiving and for thanking you for coming to our humble coupon site daily. We always appreciate reading your comments and stories on our site, so keep sharing your thoughts!

Even though we don’t celebrate the good harvest and fortune anymore at Thanksgiving–like it used to be–we still gather together to share a good meal. I had a really good time with friends yesterday as we cooked the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving? What did you do? Anything special?

If you want to find out more about the tradition of Thanksgiving, I found this really neat site that gives more information about all the different holidays.

Find out more about Thanksgiving

Save on Savings with an Extra 30% Off at The Source

The Source Save on Savings

Let’s face it, the price of electronics seems to be steadily increasing and it’s becoming hard to justify spending outrageous amounts just to have the next best thing. Shop instead during The Source’s Save on Savings event to save up to an extra 30% on absolutely everything, including sale and clearance items.

Stay up-to-date with all of The Source’s latest promotions with our page dedicated to their deals.

Details: Save up to an extra 30% off site-wide
Expires: 13th October 2013
Visit The Source here

Wireless SpeakersAre you looking for little speakers with amazing sound quality for this summer’s bar-b-queues? Take a look at Instudio Rockhampton’s wireless speakers*, which come down to $84.99. With a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, you won’t need to worry about accidentally splashing water on them since they’re waterproof!
*Disclaimer: iPod or iPhone not included.

In case you have been shopping around for an easy-to-use camera, then the Canon deluxe kit might just be perfect! On top of including the amazing Canon EOS Rebel T3i, which features the newest DIGIC 4 image processor and a 18.0MP camera, it also comes with a 55-250mm lens, a bag, a t-shirt, an SDHC memory card and a mono pad and reduced to $691.56, it’s definitely worth it, especially since its original price is of $1,199.99!

Canon Deluxe Kit

How will you be saving on savings?

Feel Sexy with $10 Off All Bras at La Senza

La Senza Save $10 On Bras

Sure, it’s common knowledge that bras are absolute essentials for all women because of the support they provide. However, even though bras are hidden under clothes, it’s important for any woman to feel sexy, similarly to the saying “dance like no one’s watching“.

Since it’s rewarding to treat yourself to lingerie even if you’re single, go ahead and save $10 off the purchase of any bra at La Senza. Heck, why not treat yourself to a bra in celebration of the coming of winter season?

Details: Save $10 off ALL bras
Expires: 3rd November, 2013
Visit La Senza here

Turns out that there is a growing trend of wearing underwear as outerwear, such as in the case of a colorful bra strap showing under a tank top, although the key thought to remember is that there is a time and place for everything.

convertible balconnetA colorful bra strap can be flirty when it peeks from under a tank top at a beach restaurant.

On top of contributing to a feeling of sexyness, bras also need to be practical. Take for example the convertible balconnet, which can be worn strapless, classic, halter, crossed, one shoulder, narrow classic, narrow crossed & narrow one shoulder — how’s that for versatility?

At the same time, while investing in patterned bras is all fine and dandy, a nice white bra is also important for wearing under white shirts. At $29.50 with the above discount, it features a sexy deep plunge and padding for a perfect first date!

No matter what you choose, don’t forget the 3 for $27 sale on sexy panties, most notably the beyond sexy ones to match the bra pictured above.

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