Enjoy $10 Towards “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Purchase of Select Movies at Future Shop

Die Hard deal at Future Shop

My circle of friends considers the Die Hard series to be a huge Christmas classic and we religiously watch it every year. The great holiday classic is invading Valentine’s Day and the new installment in the series, A Good Day To Die Hard, is coming out on February 14th 2013. Want to take your date? No problem! Pick up select movies at Future shop to receive $10 off when you go see it theaters.

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Future shop ItemThe blu-rays themselves are $9.99, so your basically getting a free DVD for the price of seeing the movie! Most of them are bonus additions and come with a digital copy and extras.

The titles that are part of this promotion are as follows:

Keep in mind that this promotion is available in-stores only, but you can reserve online and pick it up at your local store.

Best Valentine’s Day movie ever? I think so!

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