20% off Orders of $100 or More at Steve Madden (Online Only)

If you read my blog the other day about Coach Canada, you’d understand why I dislike spending a grossly overpriced amount on something simple like a pair of shoes. But once again, frugal people, hear me out before you stick your nose up and turn away at the thought of spending $89.95 on a pair of woman’s sandals.

As I previously wrote about in the Coach Canada post, it might not be as bad as you think (if you have the wiggle room) to spend the extra money on a good pair of shoes or a handbag that will last you a couple years, as opposed to a few months with potential lesser quality items. Why spend $200 on 5 pairs of shoes over 3 years, when you can spend $200 on a single pair that will last you 3 years or more? The same logic applies; it might save you money in the long run, and you get something quality to boot. A simple pair of heels (like these) will last you years and are timeless.

Keep in mind, however, that shipping is not free for Canadians and there’s a flat rate of $24.95 per each item in your order.

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Coupon: Enjoy 20% off orders of $100 or more.

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