3 Coupons on Books from ToysRUs.ca

Books at Toys R Us

Although we get coupons and discounts from Toys R Us Canada quite frequently, this is the first time I’ve personally seen coupons for books. Featuring impressive discounts, it’s possible that this toy store is trying to push their book section. I’ve listed the three offers below and also put them on the Toys R Us dedicated coupon page in case you want to try stacking or if the offers are no longer valid, you will be able to find other discounts of interest.

Note: Free shipping is being offered in conjunction with one code which is a welcomed bonus. Restrictions apply; certain orders may not qualify.

Details: Purchase 3+ books to save 20% (free shipping inc)
Expires: 31st January, 2013
Visit Toys R Us here
Details: Purchase 2+ books to save 15%
Expires: 31st January, 2013
Visit Toys R Us here
Details: Purchase 1 book to save 10%
Expires: 31st January, 2013
Visit Toys R Us here

It’s nice to see some lengthy dates on these codes since helping to run a coupon and discount website can be tough when stores release codes that only last a day or two. For this reason, Toys R Us get’s a gold star in my book (see what I did there).

Taking a quick look at their selection, I can see that their books are mostly for little ones, with some that go up to early teen level or for big kids like me–i.e. The Hunger Games. From the looks of it, the free shipping offer is only valid on the 3+ books option, but as most of the books are actually not that expensive (especially after applying the code), I would highly recommend browsing for long enough to use the maximum coupon for 20% off, the free shipping alone makes it almost worth it.

While, they didn’t have my top two children’s books; Not Now Bernard and Burglar Bill, they did instead have loads of other ones, mostly for toddlers, but there were a few cherry pickers there.

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