Create Larger Memories and Save 50% Off 5×7 Prints with this VC Exclusive at Snapfish Canada

50% off 5x7 Prints at SnapFish Canada with this Exclusive

Having digital photos is a great thing, especially because it makes the transfer of pictures to far away relatives a breeze. Although, since nothing beats the timeless feeling of having an actual picture on hand, Snapfish Canada is offering the perfect way to transfer digital prints into photo prints. Scoop up this exclusive and save 50% off on 5×7 prints. Remember all those embarrassing photos from Christmas that your friend would prefer to stow away in some long-forgotten box? Print them out for a good chuckle!

You won’t find this exclusive anywhere else, except for on our very own picture-esque Snapfish Canada coupon page.

Exclusive Snapfish Canada CouponDetails: 50% off 5×7 Prints
Expires: 18th March, 2013
Visit Snapfish Canada here

Snapfish Item Are you thinking of popping the big question this Valentine’s Day? By big question, I don’t mean asking something silly like “honey, will you give me an epic back massage?”. I mean the big question leading to a huge wedding ceremony.

Here’s a neat idea that will grab her attention and set your proposal apart from the others: take picture of things that you love about her or that remind you of her, and then a picture of the engagement ring. After printing them at Snapfish, ask her to look through the pictures in reminiscence of each memory and as she gets to the last picture, pop the question. It’s highly doubtful that she would decline a proposal like that!

Already married or not ready to pop the question yet? Grab a bunch of pictures of both of you together, print them and create a montage of them. Remind her of all the good and lasting memories of silly moments that you have enjoyed together.

Since shipping varies by the amount of prints ordered, be sure to double-check before ordering.

Which memories will you be printing for your sweetheart?

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