A Smile Starts with a Cookie; Buy One for $1 From Tim Hortons and Support Local Charities

Support a local charity with Tim Hortons

A simple thing like a smile can make a huge difference in anyone’s day and can help brighten even the worst of moods. Tim Hortons has teamed up with local charities in each province and are aiming to put a smile on your face in the form of a cookie. Simply visit your local store and purchase a smile cookie for $1 and all the proceeds go straight to charity.

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Expires: 23rd September, 2012

You can also visit the link above to find out which charity is being supported in your local region. In my area, the charity is the Montreal division of the Children’s Wish foundation and last year alone, the campaign generated $166,600 which is incredible.

A tasty chocolate chip cookie that’s only a $1 and will help support a charity? I can’t think of a better way to spend a dollar.

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