Finish up Your Back to School List with Wal-Mart Canada

Back to school with Wal-mart

Growing up, Wal-Mart was always known as a good spot to find much needed items for less. I never really understood it when I was a kid but now, as a super frugal adult, the concept makes perfect sense to me. If you haven’t finished that notorious back-to-school list yet, I’m going to give you more incentive to finish it up and get big savings in the process.

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Expires: September 4th for Quebec; September 6th for the rest of Canada

Zombies ate my homework It can really add up, all those yearly supplies, and could easily double if you have multiple kids that all need blue pens and plenty of paper.

There are calculators ranging from the super basic to the slightly more advanced ones, from $11 to $19 and they look robust enough to last them for many years–I still have my calculator that I got in my first year of high school and that was more than 10 years ago. Report covers go for as low as $0.25 in Quebec, but could vary for other areas. A box of 12 of mechanical pencils runs at about $12 as well, and we all know how fast we go through those.

Backpacks also range from $14-$19 where they could easily go for double that in other stores. Even computers sell for at least $200 less than other big brand stores and that means even more money in your pocket!

So what are you waiting for? Get to saving!

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