Be a Couch Potato! HBO Shows on Sale at Amazon

I have a high level of devotion for HBO shows of late and have a strong passion for the quality they have been putting out. I had a friend that got me into both True Blood and Game of Thrones within the last year and I’m baffled that I hadn’t discovered them sooner. I’m a super geek to begin with and they both appealed to that side of me. Situations like this where Amazon is offering up to 65% off HBO series is a big conundrum; do I keep to my budget or do I let my other side out and geek out to the max?

If you’re already tempted to join the geek-side, tease your orbital cavities with these:

Honestly, frugal-friends, I’m freaking out a little bit at this sale and the prospect of completing some of my collections. I’ve never watched Sex and the City, but Anne loves it and, for that price, I’m tempted to pick it up to try it for myself. Shipping is free on orders over $25 as well!

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Deal: Save up to 71% on HBO shows at Amazon.
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