Black Friday 2017 Best Offers (A Canadian Roundup)

Our traffic has been spiking since the start of this week. In fact every year has seen a growth in popularity for Black Friday in Canada. What originally started as a U.S based shopping event has expanded across the globe, first with Canada, and now I hear reports that the UK is getting in on the act (Oxford street must be a mess this week). As there are 1001 Black Friday deals/sales/coupons flying around today I wanted to just give my top picks for 2017 so far to save some readers a bit of time if they are in a hurry.

All the below offers can be found on our extensive Black Friday VC page, check them out here.

1) Up to 35% off Select Lenovo Electronics
2) Up to 70% off
3) $40 off Canada bookings
4) 20% off Tactics orders
5) 10% off select Auto Parts Way orders
6) Some massive discounts over at The Bay (varying offers)

I would love to hear what bargains people snagged. Stop by and make a comment as to what you saved.

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