Browns Shoes 20-50% sale and Free Shipping Code

Let me be the first to say that Browns shoes is not good for my budget or for this new frugal lifestyle, but with a 20-50% sale going on right now, it’s making me want to become a shoe addict. They have plenty of styles that are casual, yet fun and comfortable.

For a limited time only, you can also take advantage of Free shipping on all orders of $50 or more (it’s usually on orders over $198). Usually, in the spirit of frugality, I would tell you to take advantage of this offer; but considering from what I learned from a quick browse, the cheapest pair of shoes is still $100, so it kind of sullies the deal a little bit. If you’re looking for prom shoes or if you have a wedding to attend in the near future, this would be your chance to snag a pair.

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