Buying a MP3 Player for Christmas

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself before choosing the right MP3 player to buy for someone else for Christmas. From the latest and greatest iPod to the cheaper and more versatile non apple MP3 player, find out everything there is to know about MP3 players here. Plus find the best offers and coupons and win an iPod Nano 16GB!

Congratulations to Athena! You just won an iPod Nano 16GB. Thanks to all the participants and don’t forget to enter the competition for today’s giveaway!

MP3 Players Gifts Ideas

Everybody wants something slightly different from an mp3 player, and there isn’t (yest anyway) a player that can do it all. It all depends on where they want to use their device, what they want to do with it and what’s your budget? So here are our top 3 picks for 2011 MP3 players.

Top of the Range; For Music Fans

iPod Touch

iPod Touch 32GB, $299.99 at the Apple Store, Buy it Now

This MP3 player offers an incredible number of applications and features that should please anyone. The iPod Touch is available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. But because it is more expensive than other MP3 players, starting at $199, make sure the person really needs such a high end product and all the features they contain. Likely if they have an iPhone there is absolutely no need for an iTouch, if this is the person you are buying for think about what the person needs it for, if they are anything like me then they may want a smaller, lighter mp3 [player to use when jogging instead, that just so happens to be cheaper, like the one below.

Mid Range; For Moderate Music Lovers

iPod Nano

iPod Nano 16GB, $149.99 at the Apple Store, Buy it Now

This is a perfect gift for teenagers or younger kids that like listening to music but don’t need to use applications that are available with the iPod Touch, or like I mentioned above; joggers and active people. Its small size will easily fit in your pocket and customers can also choose between a small number of colours.

Bottom Range; For Sporty Music Listeners

Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip MP3 Player 4GB, $49.99 at, Buy it Now

The Sandisk is the device to get for people that listen to music mostly when doing sports. Its clip-on design is really practical and its low price makes it perfect for the gym or any other sports where there is a high probability it will get damaged.

How to Choose the Right MP3 Player?

The first thing to decide when looking for a MP3 player is if you want to get an iPod or any other MP3 player brand? There are quite a few pros and cons that you might want to consider before choosing an apple device.


Firstly, iPods are easy to use built-in with an intuitive technology and offer one of the nicest designs, but they also come with iTunes software. It’s nice to have access to the widest selection of legal digital content on the web, but note that with an iPod you have no other choice than to use this software, love it or hate it you are stuck with it. At the same time, you won’t be able to transfer music to devices that don’t run iTunes. The exception being if you’re using the iCloud application by Apple.

Buying an iPod also means that you will have access to a large selection of accessories to extend the use of your device. But these accessories are not free and iPods are more expensive than other devices with similar features.


There are a bunch of options and features to consider when choosing an MP3 player. Firstly, have a look at the software that it uses, i.e. iTunes for Apple, and its capability/restrictions. How can you categorize, search for and view your music, for example. Concerned parents might also want to check if there is a volume limiter on the device, which would allow you to block the volume with a password at a certain level.

When it comes to the display of the audio player, is it a touch screen one or not? Depending for whom you’re buying the device, maybe you don’t want to have a Touch screen. Or you might want to have a larger display if you know that the person will be watching a lot of videos. I would recommend getting at least a 3-inch one for minimum comfort when watching videos, but a 4-inch one is a lot easier to watch for a long period. Check also the video-playback information to be sure that it’s not going to lag when played on the device. And what about the controls? Are they super-small buttons that your mom will have trouble using?

Apart from these features, there are still more decisions to be taken as you cannot have everything in one device. Are you more weight capacity or size focus? Can the person’s computer handle it? What kind of battery does it use? A lot of MP3 players, including iPods, use a nonremovable rechargeable batteries, which means that it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for a replacement (when it dies). This is quite expensive, so most people just buy a new one. Not the most eco-friendly solution.

MP3 Player Coupons

Check our fabulous Christmas 2011 coupons page where you will find all the latest deals and promo codes for your favorite stores this Christmas.

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iPod Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is for a 16GB iPod Nano! The winner will be able to choose the color of it plus an engraved message.

Good luck to our fabulous community!


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