Try a Cafe Mocha, Latte or French Vanilla for Only $1 at Tim Hortons

Special of Coffee at Tim Hortons

If you haven’t had the chance to try out one of the specialty hot beverages from Tim Hortons, then you are missing out! Right now, for a limited time at participating locations, you can pick up a small Cafe Mocha, Latte or French vanilla for only $1. Don’t forget that they recently changed their sizes and that what was previously the medium size is now the small size!

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Tim Hortons Coffee The French Vanilla drinks are one of my guilty pleasures and are a go-to drink whenever I’m near a Tim Hortons location. Despite talk of it being overly sugary, it’s really not that bad as long as you don’t over indulge on them. I have yet to try the other two, simply because I’m not brave enough.

Don’t forget there’s tax too, so it’ll be a tad bit more than a $1 (depending on where you are). Try one of their bagels while you’re there

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