Buying a Digital Camera for Christmas

There are so many different digital camera models out there that picking one can easily become a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In order to help you find the perfect gift for Christmas, we’ve decided to give you a list of our favorite cameras for this year and some tips to help you choose ‘the one’.

random number day 9Congratulations to Rebby! You just won a Canon Powershot Camera. Thanks to all the participants and don’t forget to enter the competition for today’s giveaway!

Digital Cameras Gifts Ideas

You can find digital cameras starting for less than $100 but if you want to get a good one that will last you longer, then you might want to spend more time shopping for it. Find below our top recommendations for cameras.

Point and Click

Canon Powershot

Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 – Silver, $139.99 at, Buy it Now

Both Stephen and Marc-André love their Powershot cameras (and Stephen has had and used a bucket load of cameras in his lifetime) and said that this would be their first choice for a new camera. So we’ve decided to pick this camera as today’s giveaway.



Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, $299.95 at, Buy it Now

I couldn’t believe that Polaroid cameras still exist, but it looks like they do. This wouldn’t be my first choice, due to their really high price tag, but if some of you want to get your pictures instantly, this is the model to go for.


Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic 12.1MP Waterproof Digital Camera (DMCTS3A) – Blue, $299.99 at, Buy it Now

When buying a waterproof digital camera, the first thing you want to check is how solid it feels, so that it’s not going to leak or break and what waterproof depth it can support. There are not that many waterproof cameras available just yet, but this one is among the best ones you can find.

Nikon Coolpix

Nikon Coolpix 16MP Waterproof Digital Camera (AW100) – Blue, $319.99 at, Buy it Now

Stephen (the incessant reviewer) was recently shopping for a waterproof camera and this is the one that got the best reviews. It’s supposed to be robust and doesn’t leak. It could explain why so many stores run out of stock. This really is the best point and shoot digital underwater and outdoor camera.


Canon EOS Rebel

Canon EOS Rebel T2I D-SLR Camera-Canon EF 75-300MM F4-5.6 III U.S.M. Lens Bundle, $879.98 at, Buy it Now

I own a Canon EOS Rebel and I love this camera. What I like about this bundle is that it comes with a pretty powerful lens so you should be able to shoot images from father away. Lenses are quite expensive so it’s also nice to buy a second one as part of a gift (bear this in mind if the person you are budding for is a budding photographer).

If you’re not concerned about the camera size and weight and you want to be able to change all the camera settings for more professional pictures, this is the camera to get.

What to Consider when Buying a Digital Camera?

The first thing to decide when buying a digital camera is what your needs are, or if it’s a gift what the other person’s needs? What are you going to do with the camera? Where are you going to use it? Are you going to carry it on you? Are you going to use only the automatic mode or you want to use the manual modes? What is your budget? Are you an experienced photographer or not? Once you’ve answered these questions, you probably have a better idea of what kind of camera you want to get.

The number of megapixels in a camera used to be an important factor in the process of buying a camera, but it is no longer as important today. If you only plan to print your pictures in a standard format, then any camera that has more than 5MP should be o.k. I even think that cameras with a lot of MP make your picture size so wide that it can sometimes be a real hassle if you want to share them.

Among the different features that you wan to look for, the type of zoom, digital or optical is an important specification. An optical zoom is what you are looking for because a digital one only enlarges the pixels in your shot which makes the picture noisier and pixelated. In other words it doesn’t zoom on what you want to photograph but in your picture. Good quality cameras all have an optical zoom these days.

Finally, before buying a specific camera, make sure to read the product’s reviews. You can always find some on the store’s website and I think that these are the best because they are done by users of the product (just make sure that are more of the unbiased kind, so to be sure the actual manufacture didn’t write them). Reading this page is an excellent first step, but checking more than one source of reviews is a good idea to make the most educated choice.

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Get a chance to win a digital camera, the; Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 (Silver) when entering our contest today. Just 3 more giveaways to come, stay posted for fantastic prizes.

Good luck bargains hunters!


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