Some Serious Movie Madness

I usually hate Monday’s but this deal got me a little excited.

Being a huge movie buff when I came across this offer from Cineplex I instantly texted my girlfriend. So here’s the scoop my fellow Canucks; every Saturday morning at 11am (until 28th April 2012) we can watch a ‘family favorite movie’ for only $2.50 (inc tax)!

This deal won’t be available in every Cineplex, but we did find a list of participating Theaters (please check it before turning up at your local Cineplex). For those of you like me who read ‘family favourite movie’ and went; hmmmm….. what do Cineplex mean by that? Again I went on the hunt and found a list of movies and dates that you should review.

From the look of the pdf link above there seems to be a different movie every week rather than a bunch to choose from every Saturday. But there are some cool movies to watch from Shrek to the Land Before Time and even ET (I never went to watch ET at the cinema so I was stoked to read about this).

A nice touch is that Cineplex is giving all proceeds to the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada, all of a sudden I now have a favorite cinema chain. This promo is a great way to spend some time with your family and potentially show the little ones the movies of old that you loved to watch growing up, and all on a toonie too. I’m not sure about availability or if you need to purchase tickets in advance.

But I do hope this promotion is picked up well and spreads a good message for a good cause; so share this post on facebook and Pinterest to spread the word!

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