Buying Music for Christmas

I love receiving music at Christmas. But buying CD’s, music or tickets for a show for someone isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So we decided to collate gift ideas and tips to help you choose, also get the latest deals for music stores and enter to win a $60 gift card.

Congratulations to Caroline M You just won the $60 gift card for itunes and you’re still eligible for the other giveaways. Thanks to all the participants and don’t forget to enter the competition for today’s giveaway!

Popular Albums and Gift Ideas for 2011

I was checking the top 50 albums for this week at and since almost half of the albums were Christmas ones, I didn’t want to give you this as a selection of gift ideas because receiving Christmas CD’s on Christmas eve just isn’t a good idea (it’s a bit late for this kind of gift). Instead I’ve chosen some CD’s that are part of the top 50 and I’ve separated them in different categories according to the kind of music and for what category of age it could be more appropriate. But this is a rough idea, as I would probably buy CD’s for myself that are in all of the categories.

We searched over 7 trusted stores to try and find which store sold each music album cheapest, so the buy it now links are most likely going to be the cheapest prices in Canada online. As you can see most are cheaper at but keep in mind that you will need to spend $25 in order to enjoy free delivery on your order.

For All Occasions

Adele 19

Adele 19, by Adele, $10 at, Buy it Now

Adele 21

Adele 21, by Adele, $12.99 at, Buy it Now


(More for adults)
Marsalis & Clapton

Play the Blues: Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center, by Eric Clapton and Wynton Marsalis, $21.15 at, Buy it Now

Tony Bennett

Duets II, by Tony Bennett, $14.99 at, Buy it Now


(More for teenagers)
Amy Winehouse

Back to Black, by Amy Winehouse, $8.99 at, Buy it Now


Here & Now, by Nickelback, $14.99 at, Buy it Now


Talk, Talk, Talk, by Rihanna, $12.99 at, Buy it Now


(More for young adults)
Coeur de Pirate

Blonde, by Coeur de Pirate, $14.99 at, Buy it Now


Metals, by Feist, $11.99 at, Buy it Now

More Gifts Ideas

Some people find it hard to buy CD’s as gifts, so here are a few more gifts ideas related to music. First, gift cards for a music store is always a safe choice (especially itunes gift cards), even though it’s not the most personal gift you could get. But if you’re struggling and running out of ideas, then it only takes a few seconds and you’re done. Just don’t get a gift card for your significant other.

Another interesting idea is to buy tickets for a show that like. In fact this is an excellent idea, just have a look at the major concerts places (you should be able to do this online fairly easily) and check the upcoming shows for the year. You would be surprised by how many shows happen in your city each year. If you’re buying tickets for your parents or grand-parents, you could also check for tickets to a Symphony Orchestra as there are more chances they will like it than your nephew will.


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Today’s giveaway is for a $60 gift card for itunes.

Good luck bargain hunters!


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    Music is such a personal thing. Tastes vary. I know for myself I would be greatly insulted if someone bought me a CD in what you classify in the mostly adult range. I’m a grandma many times over. Nickelback would be my choice anyday. So if anyone is thinking music for me – itunes card is perfect for me.

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    Please Don’t Stop The Music!! Very great stocking stuffer for someone. $60.00 gift card would download alot of tunes from itunes ;)

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      I totally agree with that Colleen. I’m sure you would love it. I was just listening to her latest album this morning and I still love it! Good luck

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