Quick! Don’t Miss Your Chance to Save on Various Electronics During Dell’s 4-Day Sale

Dell 4-Day Sale

Though it feels like just recently that we wrote about one of Dell’s amazing promotions, they’ve having yet another sale! For 4 days only, you can save on a variety of electronics at Dell.

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Details: Save an extra 5% on Home & Home Office laptops and desktops
Expires: 11th April, 2013
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TRENDnet CameraIn today’s digitally-enhanced age, there’s no reason to skip on utilizing home surveillance means for general peace of mind. Personally, I would want to use the TRENDnet internet camera to check if my cat claws the couch while I’m away as I have this nagging suspicion that it’s a free for all when the house is empty, but others may use it as a baby monitor or perhaps to make sure that the nanny is doing a good job. Granted the last part may be slightly invasive, but when it comes to your household and your things, you can never be too safe!

The best part about this camera is that it works via a wireless internet connection and even provides the option to set recording schedules, email alerts and a variety of other interesting features. For only $59.99 and down from $119, that results in close to 50% in savings.

Dell Wireless MouseFor its reduced price of $19.99, the wireless mouse is most definitely a worthy choice, especially considering its full price of $35.99. Though it lacks software, the mouse’s ease of motion and ideal size has spurred a number of positive reviews online. It could serve as a great mouse for browsing the net while lounging on the couch (assuming your computer is connected to the TV).

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