Don’t Pay the Taxes at Bombay

Until the 2nd of July, Bombay are having a ‘pay no tax’ event. This means that the price you see in store on a piece of furniture or home decor is exactly what you’ll pay at the cashier.

It is also the ‘big deal furniture sale’ right now at Bombay and select products are 50% off. It is one of the biggest sales of the year for them.

July is a perfect time to buy new furniture because the new collections are normally released at the end of the season so merchants need to clear up space for new products in their show room. Have a look at our article about what to buy for cheap in summer to find out about all the deals available in July and August.

My stepmother loves Bombay furniture. Almost everything in her house comes from there, so I just emailed her this deal and I’m pretty sure she’s going to stop by a store today or tomorrow. Let’s hope she’ll find something she likes.

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