Enjoy Spooky Savings on Halloween Costumes at Wal-Mart

Scary Savings on costumes at Wal-mart

It’s still not too late to pick up a costume for you and the family! Even if you’re lacking ideas of what you could be, Wal-Mart is there to help and to provide savings at the same time. For a limited time, you can get some wicked savings on costumes for the whole family.

Shop the Selection at Wal-Mart here
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The only downside I see is that this Belle costume isn’t available for adults. I would like to be a Disney princess too!Belle Costume

Instead, I’ll settle for being a Punky pirate this Halloween and go around saying pirate sayings like Arrrr rambling on about trying to find a treasure somewhere.

Some items do include free shipping as well, so make sure to check that out.

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

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