Feel Like a Star and Support a Great Cause at Michael Stars

Before recently, I wasn’t familiar with Michael Stars and, after browsing their site, had a small panic attack when I saw the listed prices. My inner frugalista couldn’t possibly see what the appeal of paying $58.00 for a basic tank top was; granted my inner shopaholic is trying to convince my other half the merits of spending that much on one item of clothing (it’ll looks like it will last a long time, and to be good quality and a bunch of other reasons).

31 bitsAs I continued browsing, I discovered something that hit home and I opened up very quickly to this designer brand website. Michael Stars supports a bunch of amazing causes and is constantly donating money to them; helping the residents of Haiti, helping the homeless, helping survivors of violence and sexual assault and an amazing cause called 31 bits. 31 bits is a jewelry collection made by impoverished women living in Uganda; they make each bead by hand out of paper. I have a cousin that spent a few years in Uganda helping these women and I actually own a necklace from them as well; it’s a beautiful red piece that is made to last and looks amazing. This is a cause that I know very well and for that, I’m in love with the brand.

If you have some wiggle room in your budget, take a look at the deals they have !

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