Free $10 Bonus Card When you Spend $50 in Gift Cards at Applebee’s

Been looking for a little more bang for your buck? Then sink your teeth into this deal: When you buy $50 or more worth of gift cards at Applebee’s, they will give you a $10 bonus card for free. Even if you weren’t planing on buying gift cards for a friend, consider buying them for yourself and your family or friends. An extra $10 is always a plus and could let you sneak in that extra delicious chocolate dessert that you usually skip. Granted, not healthy, but perfectly frugal.

The bonus card is only valid until July 8th, 2012 and is a perfect idea for a quick supper if you plan on moving during that time. The gift cards, however, have a longer expiry date. Don’t wait, this offer is gone as of June 24th.

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