Futureshop Cheap Air Conditioner

Sharp 11500 BTU Portable Air ConditionerThe heat has been unbearable in Montreal and Ontario the last week. So much so that I got off my bum and went in search of an air con system. As we have a very compartmentalized apartment where I have an office is as well as a bedroom I needed a portable air conditioner so I could move it to my office in the morning after a night of use in the bedroom. Plus I am not sure my landlord would like me to remove the top part of my window for a static air conditioner. Why don’t they make air conditioners for vertical windows?

Anyway in my massive search for the best and cheapest portable air conditioner in Canada I found the deal of the summer at futureshop.ca for the Sharp 11500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Plasmacluster Ion Generator (CVP12PX) with $100 off for only $599.

I tried it yesterday and I have to say I am slightly impressed, while the cost is steep (even with the discount) it took 20 mins to set up and I have moved it 3 times already to cool different rooms in the house. Each room took about an hour to cool which isn’t bad at all. It’s not super loud either. So I think it was an okay purchase after my 4 hours of reading reviews and specs I am satisfied.

Anyone else completely baking out there? Recently bought a new air con? Loving or hating it?

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