Gear up on Shoes for Back to School for Cheaper at Steve Madden

Steve Madden Back to School

Steve Madden have released three different coupon codes right on time for back to school. Even though you’re probably not a student anymore and you’re unlikely to be going back to school, we never have enough shoes, so let’s take a peak at these offers.

Make sure that you use a valid code that will get you the best discount on your order. They have different expiry dates so pay attention.

As there are 3 codes I don’t want to repeat myself as I listed all these new codes on our Steve Madden store page, which is where you can grab the actual codes. The discounts range from $10 off to 20% off and all of these codes in particular will have expired by the 4th September 2012.

Funny ShoesDon’t worry this is not the kind of shoe that Steve Madden sells. I doubt that they would be so popular if it was the case anyway.

I checked the latest collection and even though I’m not in a hurry to wear boots again, they have some really nice models. I just fell in love with a pair of booties (the Trudy ones) but they are way too expensive for my budget right now.

Here’s another great article on about design shoes. There are some pretty funky ones in there!

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