Get a Bonus Ps3 System with Select PC’s at Sony Canada

Free Ps3 with select PC's at Sony

In 2011, 59% of Canadians were avid gamers and enjoyed spending some time getting immersed in a virtual world. My only complaint about gaming in general is that most of it is super over-priced, including the systems. Right now, you can pick up a free 160Gb Ps3 system when you buy select laptops from Sony Canada. That’s a $249.99 value for free, quashing my biggest gripe about gaming.

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Expires: 5th September, 2012

Sony Ps3 systemThere’s 5 models you can choose from and customize to your liking; the base pricing ranges from $779.99 to $1549.99. They all come with basic hard disk drives and graphics cards, but you can upgrade them for a fee. They also come with Windows 7 home, but like the other options, you can upgrade this operating system for professional or others.

I would strongly suggest upgrading your anti-virus to a year’s worth of Kapersky right away. I’ve had it on my personal computer for three years and have never felt more protected since having this Russian made software.

I’ve never had a Sony laptop so I’m not an expert on their battery life, but I’d suggest buying the Vaio large capacity battery. My computer came with one and, not only does it double as something to prop my laptop up, I can easily watch two full-length movies and more without needing to plug in my computer. It’s expensive at $200, but well worth it if you plan on going for a while without charging.

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