Get a Small Tim Horton’s Latte Beverage for Only $1

When I first heard about this promotion, I was really surprised to learn that Tim Horton’s now make lattes. Last time I checked, which was a long time ago as I’m not a big Tim Horton’s fan, they only had filter coffee. I personally prefer espresso coffee and lattes so I’m quite happy to hear that they now have such beverages.

This promotion that will allow you to get any small flavoured latte for only $1 started yesterday but I couldn’t find any information until when it would be running. You can choose between a caramel, vanilla, hazelnut or mint chocolate flavoured to be added to your latte. Don’t forget that the small size used to be the medium one before, so it is quite a decent beverage size.

I can’t say that I’m really surprised that Tim Horton’s have decided to add espresso coffee to their selection of beverages. After McDonald’s did it, it sounds to me like they didn’t have any other choice. Let’s hope that it will be good quality coffee though.

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