Get Fit and Game at the Same Time Thanks to Xbox360 & Wii Games at The Source

Get fit and game with The Source

One of the biggest resolutions made during the New Year is to either lose weight or keep fit. Sure, it’s an easy decision to uphold during the first couple of weeks, but then the laziness creeps up along with those days where you just don’t feel comfortable sweating it out with strangers and you would much rather stay home. What if you could work out and play video games at the same time, would you?

I bet you would.

Thanks to motion capture technology available on Xbox360 and Wii systems, it’s possible to stay at home, play video games and get fit all at the same time for a fraction of the price of a gym membership. If you’re still in doubt, then you clearly haven’t seen the selection at The Source

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The Source itemThe Nintendo Wii first stepped into this market by quickly carving a niche for itself with the Wii Fit and Balance board. The Wii Fit game not only helps track weight loss and progress during the workout regime, but it also improves balance, posture, and coordination. Founded on the principle of fitness through cardio, it also features 20 training exercises. Lucky for customers, the Wii fit bundled with the balance board comes out to $99.

The Source ItemZumba, the hottest new dance craze and newcomer in the workout world also has a game on the system: Zumba Fitness 2. Putting the spotlight on some of the hottest songs in the industry today, the Wii Zumba game will allow you to groove your way into shape with some kickass moves in the comfort of your own home.

The Source ItemThe Xbox360 system has their Kinect System for $109.99,, which basically captures the user’s every move with a camera. I actually purchased this system and the Dance Central 2 game for $34.99 last year in my own attempt to work out and haven’t been disappointed with it. The game features a workout mode with various intensities, times, and even features the number of calories burned. Being able to work-out in the comfort of one’s own home without feeling obligated to do so definitely helps with motivation.

Another game in the same genre is the popular Just Dance series, with the newest one priced at $39.99. It doesn’t have the same cardio and workout options as it’s competitor, but it does offer a “Just Sweat” function, similar to a fitness work-out.

The best part about these motion capture systems is that your gaming experience can be heightened with the variety of different games. In terms of budget, they do pay themselves off with the amount of fun and good times you will have with them.

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