Get more for less; Buy 2 books for $10

I’ve heard whispers about this huge book full of coupons to use on products and activities. It was always very mysterious to me and was always a little bit more than what I was willing to spend. Then, like magic (and maybe a few click of my ruby red heels), I noticed that the price of these books dropped down considerably. They weren’t $50 anymore and they weren’t even $35 anymore; they were a magical 2 for $10.

Wait, double the savings? Even the wicked witch of the east cracked a smile at this news!

To get the savings, you have to buy a minimum of 2 books, but they don’t have to be for the same cities. Bigger families might prefer getting 2 books for the same city whereas this would also be a great gift for a friend if you’re in a bind and don’t know what to get them. Another great idea would be to buy them for relatives in other provinces, for example. I have cousins in Toronto, Ontario that each have children (one of them being a newborn!) and I know they could benefit from it greatly. There’s already a few coupons I can see for the Montreal book that I know I would use in a heartbeat. A free Peanut Butter Parfait from Dairy Queen, anyone?

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Coupon: Get 2 Entertainment Coupon books for only $10
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