Get More when you Trade More at EBGames

You’re most likely an offender of this, and there’s no shame in it because I’ve done it too: You have a pile of video games collecting dust in a corner because you’ve either finished them or have lost interest. Another reason could be because you got frustrated against a boss and just tossed it aside in anger–I’m looking at you Yunalesca from Final Fantasy 10. Get rid of all these games taking up space and trade them in for in-store credit at EBGames and pick up a game that you’ll enjoy playing.

So not only will you be receiving the normal credit that you would be getting when you trade in games, you get a bonus on top of it. Here’s how the breakdown works:

    Trade in 3 games and get an extra $10 credit.

  • Trade in 5 games and get an extra $20 credit.
  • Trade in 7 games and get an extra $30 credit.
  • Plus, get an extra 20% in-store credit when you trade in a game on their Most Wanted List. Changes Monthly.

This is a great frugal alternative to not only de-clutter your space, but to also pick up a new game for cheap. I can name a few games that I would willingly trade in; like my embarrassing Karaoke games for the Wii. Don’t delay, this bonus finishes on August 25th 2012.

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