Google Music

This is big news, google is rumored to be releasing an online music store similar to that of iTunes! It will be called “Google Music”.

Why is this good news? Well it might not be but we here at think it is great. iTunes currently has around about 70% off the online legal download of music market and if you know anything about business you will know a monopoly is never good for consumers.

We believe google’s entry into the online music download market will lead to price drops by both online giants and hopefully a bidding war.

Google and Apple have been going head to head for a few years now, and I hope this continues and competition leads to innovation and better prices and service for consumers.

Only time will tell if this new store will be successful and we hope they will be releasing voucher codes and coupons.

Google Music Information:

– You may be able to stream music as well as pay for downloading songs. It is unclear is the streaming will be free of subscription based.
– Google’s android phone will soon be fitted and equipped to handle music better


Google Music
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