Halloween Contest: Win a $200 Gift Certificate at the Store of your Choice

Halloween Contest 2011We have a Winner! After much deliberation we picked our favorite costume idea. Congratulations to AB who suggested a Double Occupancy costume for Steph. He’s already online ordering it right now! Stay posted for pictures of him wearing it. Thanks to all the participants!

We are launching a new competition today! We know how much you like to participate in our contests and I think you’re going to love this one even more because it is quite funny.

Halloween is coming pretty quickly and just like all the previous years, Stephen is having a lot of trouble finding an idea for a Halloween costume. That might be because as an Englishman, he never really celebrated Halloween when he was a kid. So he normally decides what he’s going to wear the same day; right before leaving for the party.
Stephen Halloween 2010
This is what he was wearing last year, he put it on 5 minutes before leaving and he didn’t even keep it on the whole night! So this year we thought we could help him and ask our community to help him find the perfect Halloween costume.

Submit your costume idea and get a chance to win a $200 gift card for the store of your choice! Plus Stephen is going to be wear the costume for Halloween. So come on, try to come up with something funny because we’ll see him wearing the costume the entire night! And don’t worry we’ll upload pictures as proof that he did it. Here are the rules for this contest.

How to participate:

1- Write a detailed description of your costume idea and leave it as a comment on this blog post
2- Make sure you leave a valid email address so that we can contact you if your idea is the winner

How to get bonus entries

– ‘Like’ our Halloween Contest post on Vouchercodes Facebook page (this get’s you a second guest entry in the contest, which means you can enter another costume idea)
– Share it with your friends (no additional entry, but your friends may thank you if they win ;)


– Participants must be 18 years old and older.
– Canadian participants only.
– One entry per household (entrants can comment as many times as they like, but will only gain one entry for a comment on this page).
– Contest ends on Friday, October 21st (this gives us time to shop for costume accessories).
– Winner will be chosen by Marc and Anne on the following day and will be contacted by email (will not be shared and is not visible on this page) to get the personal information for shipping purposes (so pls don’t leave any personal information apart from your name and email address in our comments section).
– Winner can choose a $200 gift card for the store of their choice as long as the store offers online shopping, gift cards and ships to Canada.
– Voucher Codes reserves the right to change all terms and conditions of the competition.

Good luck to everyone! And don’t hesitate to write the most crazy Halloween costume ideas you’ve ever had!


  1. AB says:

    Got the card yesterday! Thanks alot guys!

  2. AB says:

    Ok, I made up my mind! A Home Depot gift card would be pretty neat!


  3. AB says:

    Hi Stephen, Anne,

    Wow, can’t wait to see those pictures!

    I have an online store in mind, but I am not sure if they ship to Canada/offer gift cards – I contacted them and will get back to you asap!

    Thanks and have a fun fun Halloween! :-)

  4. Anne says:

    Congratulations to AB who is our big winner for this contest! Thanks to all the participants for your great ideas. I think that we’ll have enough costume ideas for a few Halloweens now. Stay posted for pictures of Steph wearing his costume and more fun contests to come in the following months.

    • Stephen says:

      Yer; thanks AB, now I have to walk around all night with a giant woman foam thing on my chest! And I know of about 3 people who will think it’s hilarious to punch the padding with me behind it. Or the inevitable jokes about a threesome. Cheers! ;)

  5. Karyn says:

    Hey Anne,

    Just wondering if the winner was chosen already :)


  6. Pamalot says:

    I like on facebook
    pam w h

  7. Pamalot says:

    Stephen should dress all in black. then take my name is _____labels and stick them all over his body. when people ask what he is…he can say IDENTITY CRISIS.

    yep,just as bad as last year’s costume…lol

  8. Juliet says:

    Hey Stephen, I think you ahould dress up as a bowl of spaghetti. Everyone loves spaghetti!

  9. Karyn says:

    Hey Stephen,

    Karyn here again with a couple more ideas on my Extreme Couponer costume. You can wear roller blades all night for the wheels of your shopping cart. And just like the Extreme Couponer, you can have boxes of snacks and drinks in your cart for the party goers to come and snack on. You’ll be the life of the party!

  10. Karyn says:

    Hey Stephen,

    Here’s an original idea that will tie in your life’s work at Voucher Codes :)
    Dress up as an Extreme Couponer! What do you need? Make a makeshift shopping cart for around your body to walk in and hold the handlebar in front (or find a real one to get pushed in all night:)). Glue coupons, flyers, & Voucher Codes all over your body to create an outfit. You can glue them on a big garbage bag that you can wear. Hang scissors & binders off of you with more coupons in it. Wear any one of these T-shirts http://www.zazzle.ca/couponer+tshirts. I like the spaghetti strap tank top with the sku & heart that says “I Love Coupons” for you or “Manly Men Clip Coupons.” Have fun and if you choose my idea then remember to have a “crazed” extreme couponer look on your face all night!

  11. Ted says:

    The cazy Oct 31 costume is made of egg shells and cucumber skins glued on a
    bunch of Peak of the Market Potato bags, representing greens, fibre, starch
    and calcium all needed by the body for protection from debilitating scurvy
    and swampbugs, of which there are few in Winnipeg,we specialize in mosquitos
    usually, but this year they were on a southern tour and tried to return as
    swamp bugs amid the floods here. Anyway, Happy Halloween, one and all.


  12. Anne Belanger says:

    Hi there, I’m thinking dress up as Charlie “Harper” Sheen from Two and a Half Men!! He’s out of the show so basically he’s “DEAD”. Just wear a 2 colored shirt (or golf shirt) with cargo shorts, white socks and sneakers. Also , you can add a touch of a drink of “Burben” lol!! Fix the Hair like Charlie’s , maybe a wig like his hair and voila….I think Stephen can be a great look-a-like for “Charlie Harper!!”. Good Luck!!

  13. Lolita says:

    I personally think Stephen should honor Halloween by dressing up in Beetlejuice by wearing something that resembles this: http://www.anytimecostumes.com/halloween/movie-costume-beetlejuice-deluxe-adult

    The downside is that he will look awful and won’t be able to attract any girls. But on the upside, that should reassure his girlfriend (if he has one). Plus, for one night, it will be totally adequate for him to say any nasty things he can think of and make all the burps he wants (but than again that might upset any existing girlfriend).

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Dennis Kelly says:

    Does Stephen have enough history to remember Joe Cocker from the 1970’s?

    It could be fun to see him in stereotypical British bowler hat, with Muscle Shirt a la Joe Cocker from the album cover and to have 2 or 3 terriers or dobermans on leashes…..The T-Shirt reads..of course: Mad Dogs and Englishman.

    (If all you can get are bulldogs, then the shirt read…Formerly Mad Dogs and Englishman)

    Have fun Stephen

  15. vin says:

    I Think you should dress up as Fred Flinstone , its soo much easier to make the costume, if you don’t want to make the costume you can get it at this site as well http://www.buycostumes.com/The-Flintstones-Fred-Flintstone-Deluxe-Adult/21047/ProductDetail.aspx, and since Fred doesn’t have shoes , you save money !

  16. Amy M says:

    I think you should dress up as Mr. Monopoly (aka Rich Uncle Pennybags). Here’s what you will need:
    -black top hat
    -big white mustache
    -black tuxedo jacket
    -white shirt
    -red bow tie
    -grey pants
    -black dress shoes
    -walking cane
    You could also carry around little cards that say “You have won 2nd prize in a beauty contest”, “Go directly to jail” etc. and attach a piece of Halloween candy to them to hand out!

  17. I belong in a bottle on a beautiful beach with out a master.

  18. vin says:

    I Think you should dress up as Fred Flinstone , its soo much easier to make the costume, if you don’t want to make the costume you can get it at this site as well http://www.buycostumes.com/The-Flintstones-Fred-Flintstone-Deluxe-Adult/21047/ProductDetail.aspx, and since Fred doesn’t have shoes , you save money !

  19. JE says:

    Make a turkey costume.
    Turkey Costume
    Entertain the Thanksgiving crowd at your house by turning into a giant turkey with this turkey costume.

    What You’ll Need:





    Tissue paper


    Craft feathers



    There will be two turkeys in the house this Thanksgiving: one on the dinner table and one dancing through the house. Turn yourself into a festive holiday turkey.

    Make a turkey head by painting a cardboard box (large enough to fit your head inside) red. Cut out holes for the eyes.

    Tear off yellow, orange, and red tissue paper feathers, and glue them all over the front of the box, leaving the eye holes free.

    Cut a triangle-shaped beak from cardboard, paint it yellow, and glue it underneath the eyes on the front of the box. You can also cut the wattle from cardboard, paint it red, and attach it to the bottom front of the box.

    Glue craft feathers onto an old red T-shirt, and put on some red tights to complete the costume. Now, practice your gobble and start talking turkey.

    (sorry that i couldn’t add a photo)

  20. Abi says:

    I think u should dress up as an Christmas tree! Wear green clothes, hang Christmas ornaments on you and tape a set of Christmas light that you can plug in during the party! My brother did that one year and it was awesome!

  21. Marcus says:

    Hey I got have a wicked idea for you Stephen! Dress up as He-Man, I even found a pretty cool costumes for you dude : http://www.buycostumes.com/Masters-Of-The-Universe-He-Man-Adult-Costume/800865/ProductDetail.aspx

    You may not even need a wig as his hair color pretty much fits with yours.

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