hammacherOver the last few months we have done numerous posts about Hammacher Schlemmer and it’s amazing to announce that they have just launched their dedicated Canadian site; www.hammacher.ca.

Nothings changed in terms of buying stuff from Hammacher.com, if you live in Canada you can use both. the big difference is that on may items you now get duty free items if you are Canadian (this applies to both the .com and .ca version now).

If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend or dad there is seriously no better place to shop for gifts for men than this store. They have products like a 40″ football or video camera pens, indeed all the best gadgets and gizmos for guys you could ever want. We seriously recommend checking out the site.

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  1. nelca says:

    I’ve been oredring from Hammacher for years. Good range of interesting products,including health-related. Not just gadgets. Relatively good quality for most items (better than Brookstone usually). Some items are exclusive to Hammacher. Good customer service, as well as a “technical support” phone number if you need to get more details on a product than that provided on-line (1-800 227-3528, 8AM to midnight EST). I find the products stated as “The Best” are usually pretty good. HOWEVER, as noted in the previous post, shipping to Canada currently adds at least 60% to the listed price of the product, once you factor in the following: CAD-US currency exchange rate (currently about 5-7%, including the 2.5% conversion cost taken by your credit card company); Duty (19% on almost every item, regardless of whether you purchase on hammacher.com or .ca); Taxes – 13% (for shipments to Ontario) on the item’s price INCLUDING the applicable duty; and finally – extremely high shipping costs. NOTE: Duty does NOT apply to those (very few) products made in the US or Canada (though you still have to pay the taxes on these items). Most items are listed as “imported” (i.e. made in China usually). You can check with either customer service or tech support to determine the country of origin. If made in USA, the on-line item description will usually say so, but not always.

  2. Eva Ny says:

    Not only do the free shipping coupons not apply to Canada, this company charges an additional 15 dollars to ship to Canada and then there is still taxes and duty to be paid, which run about 19% of the cost of the items. This means that ordering $100 worth of merchandise from these folks will cost you at least an additional $50. Some bargain! Yikes!

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