Happy Holidays from the Vouchercodes.ca Team!

Happy Holidays

Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the office,
Not a creature was stirring, not even our mascot cats.
The stockings were hung to our desks with care,
in hopes that big savings would soon be there.

Stephen was in the UK and nestled in the land of tea,
While Rita was picking “50 Shades of Grey” for her eReader.
And Marc was planing another trip on Expedia, and Erin, in her sweats,
was browsing the newest sale at Forever 21 before taking a nap.

When beyond our computer screens arose such a clatter,
we sprung from our chairs to see what was the matter.
Hoping it wasn’t the cats destroying something,
We flung open the blinds and drew up the shutters.

The Moon was a crescent over the Montreal skyline,
Giving the illusion of pure beauty with the fresh snowfall.
When, what to Marc’s wondering eyes appear,
But a miniature sled and 8 tiny huskies.

With a vibrant young driver, so full of pride,
I knew in an instant that he had to be the bearer of holiday savings.
Faster than jets his huskies did run,
And he whistled and shouted the savings he carried!

“On to Wal-mart! And Sears Canada! And Sony and Dell!
To Kobobooks! To The Bay Canada! Onwards to Toys R US and Luisaviaroma too!
To the Boxing Day sales and Christmas Steals! To the Door crashers and coupon codes!
Now save away! Save away! Save away all!”

As the cats scurried off in fear
And we picked our jaws up from the floor,
The Huskies jumped to the house-tops and began to fly,
with even more Holidays savings to be had.

And then, with a twinkling, on the roof,
Rita heard the pawing and prancing of tiny paws,
As we turn our head, we jumped because
The young driver had appeared with a bag full of goodies!

He was dressed in the latest fashion from Old Navy,
with tiny little diamonds from Swarzoski.
A bundle of savings he threw on his back,
And he looked like a dream when he opened his pack.

He pulled out Exclusives to MyJewlleryBox and to Allposters.ca,
and special deals to Turbotax and Garage and Blue Nile, too.
He even pulled out the best boxing week offers from The Source
and to Forever 21 too!

He spoke not a word but went straight to work,
And deposited deals and gifts into our stocking and,
with a jerk, he nodded and laughed and had
disappeared in a cloud of smoke!

We rush to our stocking to see our gifts
and screamed with glee at what was inside!
It was even more exclusives and deals and savings and codes
and there were enough for everyone, including our readers!

He sprang to his sleigh and gave his team a whistle,
and with a flash they were soaring high over the skyline.
But we heard him exclaim before disappearing out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night”

Happy Holidays from Erin, Marc, Rita and Stephen! All the best to you and yours!

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