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Something a little different for our viewers today. While we were looking for the best way to monitor and manage the social networks we publish on we came across HootSuite. For those of you that don’t know HootSuitee is a social media dashboard.

The whole purpose is so that the company can monitor keywords, manage social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Ping.fm and even WordPress profiles (we use wordpress) and most importantly measure success and key performance indicators.

If you are used to the google analytics kind of reports then you will find the HootSuite reports super easy to use. So the big question is how to use HootSuite and what it’s purpase is, so that’s what our Hootsuite review is all about. Let’s take our site as an example, we make a post about a new deal or offer and we can use the cool HootSuite api to directly send a snippet of that info, from the variables we choose, to the social networks of our choice, so no matter how our members want to communicate or read our updates they can do it and it takes us very little time, almost all of it (once it’s been set up) is automatic. From there we can find out how many visitors came to our site through our facebook page, or how many of our visitors read our tweets and the conversion ration etc, the list and applications go on.

HootSuite Free

We use the HootSuite Free package, as our needs are small and we wanted to test their software out. This is what you get from the free package;
Cost: Free
5 Social Networks *
2 RSS/Atom Feeds
30 Days Stats History
Ad Supported

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HootSuit Pro

But if you are interested in the HootSuite pro package, you get a lot of bang for your buck. This is what you get with the pro package;
Cost: $5.99/month
Unlimited Social Networks
Unlimited RSS/Atom Feeds
Unlimited Stats History
1 Free Team Member *
Google Analytics Integration
Facebook Insights Integration
Advertisement Free

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