Love the Cold Stone Blast for only $2 at Cold Stone Creamery

Have you been craving something a bit colder, something with more of a punch than the usual? If you haven’t seen or the heard the adverts for the Cold Stone Blast from Cold Stone Creamery, then you’ve been missing out! For a limited time, you can try one of these nifty conceptions in a ‘Love it’ size, which is a bit smaller than the small size, for only $2.00.

You can try one of these select flavors:

  • Cookie Dough: French Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and fudge sauce.
  • OREO Indulgence: Sweet Cream ice cream blended with OREO cookies and fudge sauce.
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream blended with peanut butter cup pieces and fudge sauce.

I stopped by the other day to pick one of these cool treats up and I got my hands on the peanut butter one. It was an interesting experience; maybe it was just the location I was at, but it came out more liquid and well-blended than I would like. Nonetheless, it was still tasty and super rich; the small size is just perfect for this creation.

This offer is going on until August 6th, so there’s more than enough time to try and three flavors.

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