MoFuse Promo Code

MoFuse has sent us a special offer for our readers. Customers can use this coupon code to get over 50% off the price of their ‘jumpstart’ plan.

Your Price: $3.00 (with coupon below)
List Price: $7.95

So now you can join their premium mobile site platform for as little as $3.00/month.

Promo Code: THREE
Active Mofuse coupon code
You’ll also get a 14-Day no obligation, free trial to test it out.

If you have a blog and want a super cool mobile site then MoFuse is an easy option. Most of their services are free too. We actually used their service for a while but decided to buid our own mobile platform after a while. But if you want to see the free MoFuse wordpress plugin now you can.

About MoFuse: MoFuse Premium is an entirely different platform than MoFuse for Blogs. It uses Amazon Cloud technology to deliver the fastest mobile displays possible. It also is at the cutting edge of mobile content management, giving you up-to-date features to really make your mobile site work for you. With your JumpStart premium site you’ll get up to 5 “elements” that you can easily drag and drop to layout across multiple pages of your site. These elements may include any of the follow features:

– RSS feeds
– Static content pages
– Click-to-call
– Google Maps
– Page titles
– Links

You’ll also be able to add a Search function, add Social Sharing features, add a copyright line, customize the fixed link navigation for your site, turn ads “off”, and more.

To drive traffic to your site this platform has plugins and redirect code available for more than a half dozen blogging and content management platforms and website languages. You’ll also get extensive analytics and the ability to upgrade to add mobile commerce and data capture forms.

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