Some Mother’s Day Fun!

I have the unfortunate disadvantage of living in a different country to my mum, so i don’t get to see her or speak to her as often as I would like. What makes it worse is that Mothers Day in Canada is different to that in the UK (where I was born), so I keep forgetting the UK’s date and my siblings look like veritable superstars in comparison to me. If there is anything I’ve learned over the years (which is now far too many for my liking) is that you should be kind and thoughtful to anyone that knew you as a child and especially your family, this is where that extra dose of patience you’ve been hoarding is required.

So my aim today is to grab as many people as I can, shake them and tell them to do something for their mum for Mother’s Day. Be it that perfect Mother’s Day present, some flowers, chocolates, a spa treatment or my personal favourite; a bloody telephone call! (not literally, that would get messy)

While it may be a bit late to actually buy a present it’s certainly not too late to drive to your mum’s place, ring that doorbell and give her a hug! If you can’t make it (like me) then at least you can call to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and tell her how important she is to you.

Just take a look at this Infographic to see just how much you owe your mum (and then some). It’s cool huh?

Call your mom

~ Holy awesome mom and stuff, courtesy of my friend the frugal dad


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    Good post Steph!Thanks.

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