My Favorite Halloween Costume & Decorations for 2018

While surfing on Youtube I found some pretty cool Halloween videos (old but gold) that I wanted to share with you. The first video is my favorite costume idea that I’ve seen this so far (Add a comment if you find a better one). I’ve done a lot of research on the web to find unique costume ideas, but this is by far the best I think. This guy really deserves a prize for reinventing Halloween costumes. He brought it to a whole new level.

For sure it requires a lot of technology, but if you already have the devices then you have a costume idea for next year! I’ve never realized before that using our devices to do crazy Halloween costumes could be a good idea. Let us know should you have any other costume ideas using iPads or other devices. I definitely want to come up with something like that next year.

The second video that I found is a crazy light show for Halloween. If you thought that your Halloween decorations were the best in your neighborhood, that’s probably because you didn’t live next to this guy. This is another example of how to use technology to reinvent Halloween. After watching this video, you’ll probably find your Halloween decoration a bit boring.

I love this video it’s just awesome what he did. Everything is nice: the voices, the animation, the song’s lyrics, etc. I don’t know what he’s doing for living but I can guess that it’s probably something related to technology and entertainment. I can only imagine the pricing of the electric bill after such a shoe ;)

There are also a few other videos with other light shows that the guy has done similar to this one on They are all a lot of fun to watch.

What are the most crazy things you’ve seen on youtube related to Halloween? I’ve seen a lot but these two are definitely my best ones. I hope everyone had a nice and safe Halloween. Stay posted for more fun and crazy things in VoucherCodes Editor’s Pick section.

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