My Parent Rewards Card Register

If you haven’t heard of the My Parent Rewards Card you might want to pay attention to this post and I bet you register after you have finished.

The My Parents Reward Card is a savings card from the site; You pay $30 to join (and get the card) and then you get to take advantage of exclusive 2-for-1 savings and discounts and up to 50% off a range of products, stores and services (like travel, restaurants, shopping etc) at loads of locations in Canada and the U.S.

One of the great things about the cards is that profits go towards helping raise funds for school programs & Charities in North America. Remember it only takes the use of 2 or 3 coupons from the My Parents Reward card to pay back the price you paid for the card.

You can see some examples of what local and online coupons you can get in your area by entering your postal code at their site, and also see the range of charities they and you support with the card.

Claim your online coupons and retail discounts and buy the My Parent Rewards card Today!

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