Print Your Memories with a MyPublisher Photo Book and Enjoy 2 Free Copies

MyPublisher 3 for 1 Photo Book Deal

Memories need to be cherished, especially considering that the details we think we will remember, we oftentimes don’t remember at all unless they have been captured on camera. For a limited time, purchase a photo book and receive 2 additional free copies at My Publisher.

Let us know on Facebook which memories you would want to showcase in a photo book.
Is it a baby’s first years or perhaps a vacation you plan on taking?

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Potential photo book inspiration could include showcasing a loved one’s evolution as an artist. From the early years:

Artist Photo Book

Until their current stage in life. The opportunities are truly endless, especially with the help of MyPublisher’s Get Inspired tab, which features the obvious ones like a wedding, along with “The Book of Love: A Tribute to the Bride” from her childhood to meeting the love of her life.

Even more creatively, inspiration can be had from “Mamapapabubba’s Alphabet Photo Book“, where a picture of the child is taken next to objects starting with each letter of the alphabet: B is for balloon, R is for reading etc.

Among MyPublisher’s coolest features is the lay flat option:

Flat Photo Book

While it may look like an ordinary book at first glance, look closer and you will notice that the pages are completely flat, instead of curling up as pages like a regular book would. The biggest advantage of this neat feature is that each page remains intact without any wear and tear from trying to see the details towards the middle of the book.

Keep in mind that certain shipping and duty fees may apply, so be sure to double-check before ordering to avoid any surprise fees.

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