Package Forwarding Services from the US: How it works?

A few times I’ve received questions about solutions to receive our packages in Canada even though some online stores don’t offer shipping to our country? This is what inspired me for this tip article which is all about one of the great package forwarding services available to Canadian customers.

As many more stores are offering worldwide shipping today, we are always surprised and disappointed when we find something we want to buy online that cannot be shipped to Canada. Or when our Canadian credit card is not accepted. And because we now want to be able to shop at any online store no matter where they are located, we might need to use package forwarding services to help us with the delivery of our products. Below you will find all the information you might need to start using services. There are other likewise services, but I found that this one seems to be among the most popular and reliable ones while being as affordable as it is safe.

Have a look to MyUS services

How a package forwarding service works?

Most of the forwarding services will request first that you create an account in order to start using their services. offers different kinds of memberships to suit every customer’s needs (see the below section to learn more about memberships). Upon registration, customers will get a real US street address that should be located in Florida. This means that when shopping online and checking out you will need to enter the address provided by MyUS services. The package will then be shipped to their warehouse in Florida and MYUS will take care of the shipping to your personal address in Canada. This includes all the required international paperwork for duties. It should normally take between 3 and 5 days to receive your package after MyUS has received it. So this is extra delivery time on top of what the online store needs to ship the package to MyUS warehouse.

What about Personal Shopper Services?

This is another service offered at that you might need to use in certain situations. Personal Shopper is designed to solve other common problems that might happen when shopping at US online stores. This can be used anytime your method of payment is not accepted for example when merchants don’t accept Canadian credit cards or for auction sites that require other forms of payments such as Paypal for example. Of course in that case if you have a Paypal account, then there’s no need to use this service from

To use the Personal Shopper service, you need to tell what exactly you wan to buy and from which merchant as well as how you want the seller to be paid. It is important to know that there is a limit of 100 items per seller and that your account is going to be billed with the total amount of the purchase + a fee for the personal shopper services.

This is something that could be really helpful I think as it helps Canadians overcome the last obstacles they might have face when shopping at online stores. Make sure you verify the service fees before using it though as I’m sure no one would like to pay the price of its original purchase twice. memberships

MyUS offers three different memberships: Premium, Premium + Mail and Standard. Each service offers a different range of services and, as you can imagine, a different level of prices as well. The higher you pay your membership the lower you pay for shipping. So depending on how many times you plan on using this service, you might want to subscribe to a higher service range. I’m not going to describe in detail every membership plan here as I think it’s already well defined on the MyUS website.

About MyUS

Since its creation back in 1997, has received a bunch of awards and honours from different organizations. Their online services allow customers to track their order online through MyUS’ secure website. Located in Florida in the United States, their warehouse offers a stockroom of 40,000 square foot and it receives about 2,000 packages daily. With more than 30,000 customers from over 225 countries using services every year, I think this is what we can call a reliable service.

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