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CheapCaribbean Promo Codes

Now, I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but I would absolutely love to go there, especially on miserable days like today (if you are in Montreal you will understand). If I was to go (which I hope I do someday) then I would definitely check out for some discounted deals on flights and hotels and other travel stuff you usually book. We have been lucky enough to have been given some promo codes (thanks guys) for us all to save money when flying south. Oh, they also cater for Mexico which is cool.

Here are some CheapCaribbean promo codes and discounts to save some money on travel down south;

1. Back to School super sale is on, where you can get up to 70% Off. Redeem your 70% off.
2. Find the last minute 49 hour $49 secret sale. Secret Sale.
3. Get discounts on some of the best beaches from $399 with air travel up to 70% off, pick your favourite beach spot.
4. Search the CheapCaribbean sales pages in one go and find your vacation at the price you are looking for.
5. Find the hot deals for today in the Caribbean and Mexico.
6. Jamaica up to 60% off. Redeem.

Bagsbuy Promotional Code

Bagsbuy Canada ship to Canada, thus why we are featuring them today. We have been provided with an extraordinary “ promotional code” to save even more on your bag purchases online. Bagsbuy offer various types of products from handbags, tote bags, backpacks to luggage bags and much more. You have the option of choosing different colours and sizes which is quite unique in the bag industry and they have lots of discounted products which is even better. Watch out for offers that say free shipping as they may not apply to international orders (they are predominately a U.S company). However you can still save big with our discounts.

Exclusive 10% off promo code

Coupon: 10% off at, also free shipping may apply.
Activate: Redeem Code
Best Before: October 27th, 2013

10% off promotional code

Coupon: 10% off at, also free shipping may apply.
Activate: Redeem Code
Best Before: 21st November

Body Candy Coupons

This is a store my girlfriend has used before and we thought we would share it with everyone, with of course a coupon code. sells body jewelry in many shapes and forms, from earings to nose studs and belly rings. Body Candy ship to Canada wheyyy! If you are looking to freshen up your body jewelry then these coupon codes should help you save a bit of money in the process.

Save 15%

Coupon: Save 15% (or 10%) on all orders at with these promo codes.
Activate: Click Here
Code: “ROCK” or “GRAB” or “SAVE” or “GOLD” or “DOOR” or “1715” or “LUCKY” or “BONUS” or “COSMO” – “CJ10” & “BC10” (these last 2 will get you 10% off)
Best Before: Until further notice
Notes: No Minimum Purchase Required, but to get free shipping you need to spend $19.99.

Body Candy Canada

Londonpass Voucher

Fancy a trip to mighty blighty (that’s England) soon? If you are heading to the Queens country you may want to take in the sights with a Londonpass, it’s a cheaper way to see London’s top attractions and you can also skip the queue (nice), for more information on how to use the pass and other related discounts please refer to our LondonPass Voucher page. For now we have listed the top voucher according to visitor feedback;

5% off the ticket price

Coupon: 5% off all orders of London Pass Tickets.
Activate: Click Here
Code: “londpas05”
Best Before: End of 2009
Notes: No Minimum Purchase Required

MacConnection Promotion Code

Wow it is a scorcher of a day here in most parts of Canada. With the heat I bring you a hot promotion from you can get a free Belkin FM transmitter when you buy any iPod, I have one of these and it is great when you are in a car, no need for wires, cables or leads, just tune it in to a frequency and then your stereo in the same frequency (make sure that one isn’t in use or it could sound funny) and away you go!

The details about the MacConnection Promotional Code

MacConnection Free FM Transmitter

Promotion: Get a Free Belkin FM Transmitter and other great gear with any iPod purchase after mail-in rebates. Web orders over $99 also qualify for free shipping.
Activate: Click Here
Best Before: September 30th

Take a minute to check out our dedicated MacConnection Promotional Codes page which we update regularly with all valid coupons

Picaboo Canada Coupons and User Guide

Picaboo Canada

What a beautiful little online Canadian store. You can make the most charming photo books, cards or ‘digital albums’ at Picaboo Canada (click here to go to the Picaboo Canada coupons section). You can download their photo management software for free (with our coupon) to start displaying your digital photos in a fun way and share with your friends. You have complete control over nearly everything, from the size of your photo album to the background and the photo layouts, you can even resize images to fit as many as you want on a page. Once you have finished you can then get it printed! This is just screaming as the best personalized gift you can get, from a baby photo album to weddings this is a must see for anyone into photos. Picaboo’s software is quite revolutionary, I couldn’t find anyone that did nearly as good a job (in my opinion), one of the main points to consider here, is that you can create and send a digital version of your photobook for free to your friends and family or whoever. Go to our Picaboo user guide on how to make your own photobook.

Claim the latest Picaboo promo codes here

Picaboo Canada coupons

Picaboo coupon codeBuy a Classic Book and get 1 free:cut   FINALFOUR  cut

Picaboo coupon code15% off any purchase with this coupon:cut   SWEET15  cut

Picaboo coupon codeGet 10% off plus free shipping:cut   DAYLIGHT  cut

Picaboo coupon codeGet 20% off all products:cut   AMAZING  cut

Picaboo coupon codeGet free shipping on orders over $60cut   FREESHIP60  cut

Picaboo coupon codeSave 50% on select productscut   CUPID  cut

Picaboo coupon code20% off $50+, 30% off $100, or 40% off $200+ with this coupon:cut   WINTER40  cut

Picaboo coupon codeSave 20% off $50+, 30% off $100+ and 40% off $200+cut   CRANBERRY  cut

Picaboo coupon codeBuy one classic photo book and get a copy for freecut   BGJUNCB  cut

Picaboo coupon code20% off all classic photo books with this coupon.cut   JCB20  cut

Picaboo coupon code20% off all classic photo books with this coupon.cut   CB20MAY  cut

Picaboo coupon code25% off Classic Photo books with this code.cut   MAY25CB  cut

Picaboo coupon codeUpgrade to lay-flat paper for free with this code:cut   LAYFLAT  cut

Picaboo coupon codeBuy one classic book, get one free with this coupon:cut   BGSPRING  cut

Picaboo coupon code20% to 50% off your purchase with this coupon:cut   T50CB  cut

Picaboo coupon code25% off card orders of $50 or morecut   25HCARDS  cut

1. Get your Picaboo free download of the easy to use Picaboo Canada and U.S Software.

2. Get Air shipping to Canada and UPS ground shipping in the US with online orders of Photobook or cards at Picaboo. Redeem.

How to use Picaboo’s photobook software

Not quite seconds as Picaboo advertise, but it didn’t take long when I took a tour of their photobook software (yes I had a go because it’s my mother’s birthday coming up and I wanted to give her something a little different and a little special).

Picaboo step 1

Step 1: So the first step is to download their software, not hard huh? It took me 34 seconds (I have quite fast internet though)

Picaboo step 2

Step 2: Once the software has downloaded you need to click on the button that says create book, this will start the software and allow you to start customizing your photobook.

Picaboo step 3

Step 3: Now you have the option of choosing a preset theme or creating your own one from scratch, now I would recommend those of you who have a little patience to make your own theme, but if you lack the time there are some really nice ones to choose from.

Picaboo step 4

Step 4: Again, you have the choice of customizing the photo page selection (i.e. where you place the pictures on the page), you can choose automate or ‘do it yourself’.

Picaboo step 5

Step 5: You can select individual photos by clicking the box or you can import an entire album to add to your photobook. I would recommend sorting which photos you want before you get to this step as it takes a while and in my opinion it is the most important step.

Picaboo step 7

Step 7: Picaboo can help you here with a quick list of ways to display your photos (mostly collage collection styles), you just drag and drop the style you want and choose the pictures to fit the blanks.

Picaboo step 8

Step 8: You have now finished your photobook and can share it with as many people as you like; you even have the option of sending them a personalized email to your photo album.

eCost Coupon

For those of you not familiar with eCost I will give you a brief rundown before I get into the eCost Coupons we have in store for you. eCost is an online only retailer of electrical goods, from computers, video games to TV’s, the list goes on. They predominately sell to American’s but do ship to Canada (although it costs a little more on shipping at eCost Canada). There are some good bargains to be had if you take the time to really browse the offers.

Now for the coupons

1. Get $5 off $30 or more at, by using this coupon. The coupon is valid from today and expires on September 1st, you must use the google checkout to get the money off and every product at eCost qualifies. You should see the discount immediately apply to your shopping cart.

Here are some individual eCost canada product discounts

1. Weekly HP Notebook Deal: HP Mini 110-1125NR 1.6GHz Intel Atom Netbook w/ Windows 7 – Swirl Black $259.99 (Save $190). Redeem discount.

2. Sharp Aquos 1080p Blu-ray Player w/ Blu-ray Live $87.99 (Save $62)
Sharp Aquos 1080p Blu-ray Player w/ Blu-ray Live $87 Save 42% off retail prices. Redeem offer.

This one is a great one, it is a page that displays a Secret Sale. The Secret Sale: Exclusive promotion with FREE Shipping on deeply-discounted items. Save up to 80%.

Shoe Company Canada Coupons have a great deal out now (as can be seen in the image below. You can get 3 discounts, the first being save $10 on women’s shoes ($59.99 and more), the second is for men’s shoes, same deal $10 off but you need to spend $79.99 or more, last but not least is for the kiddies buy one pair and get $10 off their second pair. Wait there is a fourth deal, I noticed it when I went to go print the coupon (which you can do here), the last offer is a saving of 20% on all clothing (not to be used with any other discounts) this is the best offer of the lot in my opinion. You have until the 7th September 2009 to redeem these offers

Description: 10% off already reduced items
Promotion Code: “EXTRATEN”
Expires: 18th December, 2012
Description: 20% off handbags of $40+
Promotion Code: “BagHunt”
Expires: April 11th, 2012
Description: 10% off everything
Promotion Code: “BOXING10”
Expires: January 9th, 2012
Description: 20% off all final clearance items
Promotion Code: “TAKE20OFF”
Expires: August 4th

shoe company

ACDSee Canada

Cool name huh? ACDSee sounds awesome, at first I didn’t even care what they did, I just loved the name. They must have had either a great marketing department or were just brainstorming in the pub for that one. Anyway, I wanted to introduce all of you to ACDSee Canada.

What do ACDSee do?

ACDSee Canada offer software to help you (novice to advanced) manage images and technical illustrations (helping you to manage, edit, create and share content for the web or to print). If you are anything like me and have 1001 digital images/photos you may need something to organise them in a cool way (this would be excellent software for a photographer). They have a few products you might be interested in, from ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager, ACDSee Photo Editor, and FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio, if you are in doubt I would recommend taking the free trial offers we have been given.

Now for the ACDSee Coupons

Save 10%

Coupon: Save 10% on ACDSee Pro 2.5 with coupon
Activate: Click Here
Best Before: August 21 to the 31 December, 2009.

Save 10% Photo Manager

Coupon: Get 10% off ACDSee Photo Manager 2009
Activate: Click Here
Code: “APM45”
Best Before: 15-Oct-2009 – 10-Dec-2009 (but I would still try it anytime)

Free Trials

Coupon 1: Get a free trial download of ACDSee Pro 2.5 Photo Manager. Redeem.
Coupon 2: ACDsee FotoSlate Free Trial. Redeem. Review

I wanted to take a minute to say how much I like, every day I go out and search for deals, coupons and promotions to help Canadians save money, I think smartcanucks do a really similar thing. The site has been around a while and was started by a few guys while they were at University, the site has grown in popularity so much that it has been featured on the TV a couple of times showing people how to save money using clipping coupons you can print out from your computer and take to your local supermarket. I have used their site a few times and find it invaluable when looking for flyers, store sales and even some online discounts. This is why I wanted to give it a mention to all our RSS readers and visitors.

One of the only things missing (in my opinion) is a browse all Canadian coupons section, like we have on

We recommend people to check out, let us know what you think? Did you find the site useful? Was it easy to navigate? What would you change or add?

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