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Stride Gum

What a nice promotion to launch a new product! Like the Stride Spark gum on their Facebook page and get a coupon to buy a pack for only 10¢. If you want to try out this new Stride gum’s flavor that supposedly lasts longer than any other gum, then it’s perfect timing. The promotion is easy to claim on their page so let’s hope it’s going to be that easy to use the coupon in store. I have absolutely no idea until when the promo goes on, but I’m guessing that it’s only available while quantities are last.

Get your Stride Spark gum coupon

This new kind of gum is suppose to contain 25% of the Recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B6 and B12. That could be good news even though I’m not sure I would buy this kind of gum only because it contains extra vitamins. I think that it’s a lot better to eat fruits and veggies to get all the nutrients that we need daily instead of compensating with a bunch of extra pills. But I understand that it can be used in addition to eating properly as we don’t always have the time to eat healthy as we should.

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  1. Johanne belair says:

    I like stride Mad intense nonstop mint and i can find . I want to no if coming back soon .tank you

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