Poster Cartel Coupon Code

Poster CartelWe love hearing about new online stores and the latest we found was Poster Cartel, and guess what? They have a discount coupon for us to enjoy (and you obviously). This is one of the best back to school offers around as this discount get’s customers 30% off all merchandise at the website (they are Canadian). So if you are looking for any posters, artwork, artwork posters, masterpieces as posters, canvas, framed work and more art (including science art) then you might just find what you need. My girlfriend is really into jigsaw puzzles and she is also a bit of an avid painter so I might be browsing the site for an early Christmas present for her.

Description: Get Free Shipping
Promo Code: SHIP786
Shop at
Expires: September 12, 2010
Description: Get 30% off all Poster Cartel items
Promo Code: SCHOOL933
Shop at
Expires: 12th August 2010

It’s funny because the site is run out of Montreal (where we are based) but the prices on their site are in USD, don’t worry though, they do ship to Canada. Just a strange thing to do to only have one currency. Oh and customers can also get free shipping on orders $75.00 and above.

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