Pre-Order Windows 8 at the Microsoft Store Now! Plus Get a Little Preview…

Pre-Order Windows 8

The most recent version of Windows will be launched on October 25th 2012, but you can already pre-order it to be among the first people to have it. Plus, for a limited time enjoy free shipping on your order. The Windows 8 Professional package is available for $69.99.

Pre-Order Windows 8 from the Microsoft Store Now
Expires: 24th October, 2012

Update: Customers can now find the latest Windows 8 deals on our Microsoft page

I went to a presentation of this new product last week (because one of my friends happens to work for Microsoft) and I was totally amazed by this whole new concept Microsoft has developed. To start using this new version of Windows, you will need to forget almost everything Windows 8 Screenshotyou know about the previous versions, because this is really different.

As you can see with this screen-shot, it’s a lot funkier and fun to use. And what’s nice is that you can customize almost everything, so you can really make your new Windows screen unique.

You can see that the design has been done especially for tablets as almost everyone now agrees that it’s the future of computers. It’s even believed that in 2012, the number of tablet sales will be higher than for laptops.

One of my favourite tools in Windows 8 is the Contacts section that contains all the contacts of the user, no matter the social media tool or email list they are coming from. You can even choose how you want to contact them in a single interface. For example, if you have a contact in Hotmail, Facebook and MSN, you can choose from a drop-down list how you would like to get in touch with them.

I also really like the fact that no matter what machine I use to access my Windows profile (a laptop, Windows phone or tablet), I will be able to access all my files that are saved on the Cloud.

Another great improvement in the Office software is that Adobe Acrobat is now part of the suite. This means that to edit a PDF document, there is now no need to buy the super expensive Adobe software, it is now included in Microsoft Word! That’s a great addition I think, but I’m not sure how much this new Office version will cost. We might have a bad surprise there…

I probably skipped a lot of other great functions too, but so far this new Windows version has seduced me. I plan on buying a new laptop soon, so I think I’ll wait a little longer just to have Windows 8 with it ;)

Has anyone used it? What did you think?

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