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Before today, Anne and I had never heard about Homesav Canada but were quickly drawn in by it (the conversation lasted about an hour). We spent more time then we should have looking at the daily deals and gasping at how cheap some of the prices were. We are both (attempting) to be frugal, but we also have a taste for expensive things. This site will be my guilty pleasure for style ideas and possibly some purchases if the budget allows it.

Homesav is a site that holds daily and weekly deals for some high-priced branded items, and they sell them at a reduced price. There are limited quantities but they have super themed sales; there’s a living room event going on right now with some beautiful couches. Registration is free and there’s free shipping on most items as well. As an added bonus, new customers also get a sweet 20% off their first order.

This is where you’re going to be happy for being a social butterfly: When you refer friends to the site, you get the chance to get free Homesav rewards. What are they, you ask? It’s free money, basically, that you can use towards your purchase on the site.

The exact details are:

  • Socialite: Get 3 friends to join and get $10 in HomeSav rewards.
  • Designista: Get 10 friends to join and get $15 in HomeSav rewards.
  • Design Guru: Get 25 friends to join and get $45 in HomeSav rewards.
  • Plus:Get a bonus $15 when a friend you referred buys something.

Some quick math for you: If you invite 25 friends and they all buy an item, that means you are getting $420 in HomeSav rewards. That’s huge!

Take a few minutes and spend some time browsing their offers. Who knows, you just might find something!

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