Save 12% on your Costume from Halloween Express

Halloween is coming quite fast, less than 10 days left, which means that anyone who wants to order its costume online should hurry up to be sure they’ll receive it on time for Halloween. Halloween Express is among the most popular online stores for Halloween costumes and they offer same day shipping.

They also have a policy for guaranteed delivery where they provide customers with a promised delivery date for their order. Knowing exactly when your order is going to arrive is a pretty nice option I think.

If you’re still not convinced, Halloween Express has also released a coupon code for customers to get an extra 12% off any purchase of $35+. The code cannot be used on gift cards and expires at the end of October.

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If you like Halloween, then go and have a look at the selection of costumes available at They have a lot of different outfits, some funny, some more classic and others way too sexy for my taste. But it’s always a lot of fun to browse through a Halloween costume store anyway and it gives a lot of inspiration for costumes.

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