The Boxes May Not Be Pretty But the Savings Are: Save 20% with The Source’s Refurbished Sale

Refurbished sale at The Source

Refurbished isn’t the kind of word that should push you away from buying certain items. Just because a box has a tiny dent in it doesn’t mean that the quality of the item inside is anything less than perfect. Shop the selection of refurbished electronics at The Source to discover deep savings on some great products, including gaming systems (because we all know I’m the resident gamer geek!).

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Expires: 15th February, 2013

The Source ItemOne of the mack daddy of video games systems is still the Playstation 3 160GB console. With great graphics and power, it also doubles as a Blu-Ray player, which while it might not seem like a big feature for some, it can certainly be quite handy at times! Regularly priced at $299.99, you can pick it up for $169.99.

Something I’ve always wanted to have with my iPod is this wireless speaker dock that also doubles as a charger for your devices. Plug and use it either indoors or outside to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere. Initially priced at $199, it’s now at a super low of $39.99.

Save a few dollars by having items shipped to your local store for free!

What are you tempted to pick up?

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