VC Challenge for Guys: Dare to Wear White Pants with the VC Exclusive

Buffalo $40 Off On Orders of $300

Always buying the same-colored clothes, more specifically jeans, is boring and should be avoided at all costs. Granted it can comforting to go with the tried and the true, but how do you know that something you have never worn won’t become your next favorite?

This is why is challenging everyone to buy something out of their comfort zone and more specifically for men out there, to purchase a pair of white pants. As an incentive, go ahead and save $40 off every purchase of $300 or more at Buffalo Jeans!

Orders exceeding $99 also qualify for free shipping and if you shop before April 7th, 2013, then you can get a $25 coupon upon spending $100 or more, or a $75 coupon upon spending $200 or more.

Exclusive Buffalo Canada CouponDetails: Save an amazing $40 off orders of $300 or more
Expires: 17th April, 2013
Visit Buffalo Jeans here

Featured below are Buffalo’s Evan Basic jeans in –you guessed it– white!

Mens Evan Basic White JeansNow you may be wondering how to wear your new white Buffalo jeans and as with anything, the main idea to remember is that you don’t want to overdo it. Think of the pants as a blank canvas onto which you can add pattern and color but if you put too much, you’ll end up with a chaotic mess.

Another important element to remember is that while all colors will look great with the pants, they might not necessarily go well with your skin type. According to Every Guyed’s “How to Choose Clothing Colors That Flatter Your Skin Tone“, those with cooler skin tones should opt for purples, blues, green and pinks, while those with warmer tones are recommended to stick with reds, golds, oranges, yellows, camels, and dark browns.

Womens Terese ShirtAs for the ladies out there, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone this month and to purchase something that you normally wouldn’t. The Terese shirt is definitely worth looking into, especially since it’s on sale for $49.99. Featuring stunning white flowers on a black mesh, it’s perfect for hanging out with friends or grabbing a bite to eat.

In case you’re interested in white pants of your own, try the Gibson distressed jeans with a skinny leg.

Will you be participating in our challenge? Share with us on Facebook your fashion advice for wearing white pants.

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