Save $5 on Mega Bloks at Toys R Us Canada; Online and In-Store Coupon

Mega Bloks Promotion

We just got our hands on the latest coupon from Toys R Us Canada to save $5 on all purchases of Mega Bloks products of $15 value or more. We have both an online code and a printable coupon so you can decide how you want to shop.

If you have a kid’s birthday coming up soon pay attention, Mega Bloks are really popular amongst young children and some older kids too. They have all sorts of products, from Hello Kitty to Halo, Spider-Man, Dora and the regular ones of course. Toys R Us is also offering free shipping when you buy 3 Mega Bloks products or more.

Details: $5 off $15+
Expires: 30th September, 2012
Visit Toys R Us Canada here

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I remember how much fun it was to play with blocks as a kid, Lego were the ones I had back then when I was younger. I also remember that myMega Bloks mom was always complaining about finding loads of them everywhere in the house and how much it hurts when you step on a block with bare feet.

At least, the good news is that these Mega Bloks are bigger than normal Lego so they are a lot easier to spot and therefore less likely to end under a couch or stuck to the bottom of a foot.

Did you know that Mega Brands who own Mega Bloks are a Canadian company? Their headquarters are in Montreal. Do you need any other reason to buy their products?

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