Save $5 when you buy Children’s Shorts at Joe Fresh

Would you like a new frugal activity to do with your kids? Start them on couponing if you haven’t yet! They can clip and short with you and it can be turned into a fun activity. I’m also about to give you the perfect opportunity to show them the ropes in an actual store; the next time you visit a Joe Fresh location (either located as a stand-alone store or in participating Lobalaw stores), print out this coupon and let them go wild in the children’s clothing section. Frugal grown-ups can be couponing on food, kids on clothes; it’s truly a family activity.

Print out this coupon and save a grand $5 when you buy a pair of children’s shorts priced at $12 or more. Joe Fresh has surprisingly nice styles and they are still less then what you can get elsewhere for comparative quality. There’s also a limit of one coupon per family so this is once again the opportunity to recruit friends and family to help!

Joe Fresh

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